Makeup Tools have breakdowns too!

Those of us who use makeup on a regular basis, I am sure have this question on and off. I think I have a lot of brushes old and new (and I sickly keep adding new ones every now and then, breaking my bank). It is really hard to tell when should one discard their makeup tools like a brush, sponge or a powder puff. Even thinks like tweezers and eyelash curlers have an expiry date depending on how much you use them.

I have been washing my brushes and beauty blenders just right but still I can see something wrong happening with mine. When I compare a new blender and the one I have been using for almost a year, it looks completely different. Like the one I have been using is about to tear apart into several pieces. So, in this scenario how do you decide what to keep and what to throw when it comes to your expensive makeup tools?

Keeping a record of purchase

One of the beauty experts I have been interacting closely with suggested that noting down when you bought your makeup brushes and all other makeup tools might help. Ideally what happens with makeup brushes, sponges and beauty blenders is that from the day you begin using them, it will begin accumulating airborne bacteria. That in no way is good for your face which is why it is said to always wash your makeup brushes once in 7-10 days. When you know about when you bought it, you will be able to judge it’s-time-to-throw-it date. Of course brushes kept and being used for 4 years is not going to be a great thing for your skin ever.


See the signs yourself

Recently I picked up one of my foundation brushes and realized there was something wrong with that one. First I had no idea what, but then I began to compare that with the new one.

So here are the things you need to observe:

  1. Do the bristles feel pricky against your skin while applying the product?
  2. Is your brush’s hair coming off one strand at a time? Or is it literally shredding?
  3. Had it begun to lose its shape?
  4. Have you dropped your brush and it has a crack or it is broken?
  5. Your brushes are not cleaning easily.

So, whatever the reason is, one or all, time to throw away that brush. Sometimes, just as you open a new packed brush, you might see a bristle here and there. Nothing to worry, the brushes are fresh and you can use them without anything to worry about. To know better about your brushes, follow a makeup brush guide.


Things to remember:

  1. Use a good cleanser to clean your brushes.
  2. When you clean your brushes, place them upside down so your brushes can dry faster and all water can flow out of it.
  3. Do not grip your beauty blenders too hard when trying to clean them. Be gentle.
  4. Never keep the blenders in a closed bag or makeup bag when wet. Try and keep them in a mesh bag so they can easily dry.
  5. Wipe your eyelash curlers after every use. Literally, EVERY USE!

That’s all folks, stay pretty, stay happy!

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