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Buying a new house and then moving into one can be overwhelming as hell. The truth is you need to stop running around like a headless chicken because there are solutions for everything, well more so now a days! I have been a victim and especially this time when I was moving into a new house, I had absolutely nothing in mind except oh my god, I am leaving my home!

So, looking into how big the problem is when it comes to home decor, I took an initiative scouting for some of the best home decor online stores that is a saviour for me and will prove to be one for you.

Let’s begin.

AA Living


Their plush comforters and pillows. I could live in them. 

I think this by far is my favourite home decor online store. They also have a store in Mumbai. I am in absolute love with their bed linen as well as the rugs. You will find everything from accent furniture, cushions, door mats, luxury towels, aroma diffusers, bathroom accessories, home quotes and a lot more.



Known for its quirky designs, Chumbak is a brand pretty much for everything. They have recently introduced their serveware and decor collection too. If you want to add a pop of colour in your house, then Chumbak is exactly what you might be looking for. Apart from their serveware, what I really love is their storage trunks. I have one myself and storing my jewellery in it.



People like me will always want to get a little creative and playful about the way our homes and rooms look. After all it is all about adding that personal touch to our home spaces. I used to order sunglasses from Propshop24 but overtime they have gone bigger and better and I am in absolute love with their home as well as pop ups section. You will always find something that’s utility for you.

Olive Theory


I have been a sucker for great ideas and that is why I am mentioning about this amazing initiative called the Olive Theory. Now, this is a little different from the home decor online stores. You need to first download this app. The idea is that when you find a piece of home decor inspirational at a friend’s place, in a hotel, restaurant or even in a magazine, all you need to do is shoot it through the app and then this app will suggest you similar pieces and where you can buy them from. Honestly, things just got much simpler. Let’s thank our creative minds and of course, technology! Sigh.



Every house needs some furniture for sure. Some of you might be hesitant about buying furniture online, but trust me, Pepperfry is only store you are not going to regret buying your furniture from. They have a vast variety of anything and everything that your home needs. I recently purchased an antique mirror from their website. The delivery was swift and safe and I am in absolute love with that stunning mirror.

Apart from these home decor online stores you can shop from, here are a few more sites that will help you buy a variety of things:

Pretty Please Me: In absolute love with their storage options.

Indiacircus: Indian designs, I love their serve ware and upholstery options.

Engrave: Something more for your home from little something to something bigger.

So, that’s pretty much about the home decor online stores I shop from. If I have missed a name, or you think you know something better, comment below and share with us.

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