About Trendogue

Hey, Trendy Peeps! Hi! I am Nidhi, and this is Trendogue, a blog which is a part of me to be an interesting part of your lives equally. As an entrepreneur, there were times I always wanted an escape from my monotonous life and here I am with this blog which is about me as much as it is about you! As young as 18, I began writing professionally and for over 5 years I have been a consultant working with several companies.

Starting as an Architecture student, to an aspiring law student and finally ending up in Advertising and Marketing brings the best writer out of me. But now, Trendogue is a website that will be a world of my thoughts, experiences, what inspires me and of course, everything in ‘Trend’. I am simple and I love simplicity. Off late, there has been so many things I would love to share with the world (and the list never seems to end), and hence this lovely blog.

The Trend List

The blog revolves around the following categories:

Travel: As a solo traveller, what I have learnt is there is much beyond the pictures we capture and the beautiful places. It is the little experiences and mesmerising things our eyes can see, that no picture can ever hold as a memory and stays as an imprint in our minds.

Food: I live in Ahmedabad, and been a nomad since I was born. From Punjab to Tamil Nadu, who wouldn’t eat?! As much as is the fun to dine ‘fine’, we all know deep in our hearts how ‘gol gappe and aloo chaat’ makes us happy!

Fashion: I am no expert, but I sure have some specific likings. I have my own set of disasters and successes and it never harms to stay fashionable right?

Décor: Having worked with Interior companies, I have a thing for space décor. And a lot of things to share about it too!

Literature: I splurge on books like a millionaire (I am in no way one). So what I read or what is good is all in ‘Literature.

Viral (or everything the world gossips about): Everything that you shouldn’t miss at all!

As a writer, it is always a pleasure to have readers who appreciate and always want more. And because that really is a key factor adding to my ‘motivation’ I will strive to add content that really matters!

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Stay in style with Trendogue. XOXO