Monograms, something we all love

In his famous novel `Anna Karenina’, Leo Tolstoy wrote:“ The envelope was of paper as thick as bar, on the oblong yellow paper there was a huge monogram….”

I have read that book and I can tell you how amazing it was. And thank you to the book, but this is how I got some inspiration about monograms. For ages, it has been recognized as the unique identification symbol of royalty. Popularly known as the royal crest, a monogram actually dates back to more centuries than even royalty across the globe has known. First seen on Greek coins as early as 350 BC, it soon began to be used by artists and craftsmen as signatures on their piece d’art.

I have personally seen them at one of my friend’s homes in Jaisalmer, who by the way is a royal. So, that made me think why can’t we incorporate these beautiful monograms in our homes?

What are Monograms?

Typically a design composed of one or more letters, generally the initials of a name, a monograms have now become a common symbol of ownership, proprietorship and even copyright. In the individualistic societal framework of today, monograms have also emerged as identification marks that add a touch of distinction to a person’s belongings.

So here are a few guidelines on using the monogram to make your home distinctive with a symbol that suits your taste and style.

Your Personality

In this age of equality, individuality is best stressed with characteristic monograms for men and women. Simply use the first or last letters of your name, or maybe a combination of both, and create a personalized monogram with a special font that is aligned with your personality.

Love Birds

For couples who cherish their togetherness, a better option would be a combination of the letters that identify both, the husband and the wife. You could use the common letter of the last name, or a combination of the first letters, or maybe all three, in some interesting format to create a unique join entity.


Of course, there are other ways to form a distinctive identity. Something like using two letters from the last name and combining it with one of the first name. Or, joining letters from the last names of both the husband and wife (especially for women who believe in retaining their last names after marriage), etc.


Some home love

There’s lots you can do to stamp your home with monograms once you have come up with something that is really innovative and tastefully original. Try putting it on the nameplate at the entrance to your home and see yourself become the centre of attraction in the neighbourhood. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get the monograms embroidered on your pillows, bed covers, cushions, napkins, etc., and leave your mark around your home. It can also be done for your kids!
  2. Give it a personal touch by having your monogram put on your personal belongings. Those things can be your handkerchief, tie, bag, and even clothes.
  3. And how about having monograms on your stationery, just like all those big hotels and big corporates do? Imagine the distinctiveness it will add even to your personal letters.
  4. Monograms can also be added to gifts, using a combination of names, that would be ideal as a wedding present. As long as you keep the traditional sensibilities of some communities in mind.
  5. Simple frames with embroidered monograms can be used as a wall accent, especially on a white wall.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your monogram right away and see your individuality stand out amidst the clutter of the modern homes. Or if you think there is another creative way to use monograms, tell us in the comments below.

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