Our generation needs home cleaning hacks

I need to first tell you why did I even think of writing about home cleaning hacks. Being married comes with as many perks as a few difficulties here and there (which always teach you more about life). While I deal with some home cleaning troubles, my sister-in-law (bachelor) is dealing with bigger problems for obvious reasons- a working professional who is living alone. Truth is, except our parents, none of us seems to have anything close to OCD. But yeah, once home, I like to keep things in place so I can at least lie in my bed.

Over time, when you begin to live outside of your parents’ house, you begin to realize how much you have to do yourself and create a living. While I am sure most things are more or less getting paced gradually, I have found some home cleaning hacks my mother and mother-in-law have blessed me with. There are several uses of the things that I am going to mention which means most of these would be multi-purpose.

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Home cleaning hacks with these magic products

Baking Soda

There are many combinations with baking soda that can instantly help you with robust cleaning. This happens to be at the top of my home cleaning hacks:

  • Baking Soda + Bleach= Clean the grungiest corners of your bathroom
  • Vinegar + Baking Soda= Microwave oven can be squeaky clean
  • Remove oil stains off the carpet with baking soda and coffee stains are easy to clean with baking soda.

Talcum powder

Let’s say you carelessly applied lipstick on your clothes and you have to run out. Wet the area on your clothing and then sprinkle talcum powder evenly. Not only will you be able to go out, but when you try and clean your clothes, there will be no trace of any colour. Same is applicable with bed sheets, pillowcases. It’s an interesting home cleaning hack because this trick even worked on brake oil that had spilled on our single bed in the house.

Also, if you think acetone is going to take off your lipstick stains, I don’t think that will happen in high-quality lipsticks or liquid lipsticks.



Most used yet not remembered often home cleaning hack, Vinegar is versatile. Fill a bag with vinegar and tie it around your shower heads, and the stains will vanish and the same trick can be used to unclog drains mixed with baking soda. Clean burnt pan or a dirty blender with a mix of vinegar and baking soda or clean dirty glass with an old sock dipped in vinegar, you will thank me later.


One of the best tools to reach those sneaky corners or small stubborn spots. The toothbrush should definitely be one of the most essential tools in your home cleaning hacks.


Well, who knows this favourite liquor could be a part of the home cleaning hack? Spritzing a mixture of vodka and water can remove nasty smells from your clothes as the alcohol dries away.

P.S. Drink Responsibly!

Toilet Cleaner

I didn’t know this until last week that toilet cleaners can clean much more than what we thought it could. Since it is an acid, you can use small amounts to clean your bathroom faucets, bathroom tiles, and even the sink. Just make sure you wear gloves before you’re on to your cleaning mission.

These little things can be your holy grail home cleaning hacks. Just do it once in a while, I mean once in a week or two weeks and I am sure you won’t have to worry about cleanliness so much!

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