Small bathroom ideas for smaller homes

With the size of apartments, we live in, small bathrooms are common but often difficult to manage with. Your bathroom is your personal space. No matter how large or tiny it is, maintaining it is a big task in hand because essentially a bathroom needs to be hygienic at all times. In fact, most of us are turned off with bad bathrooms especially the ones with bad, very bad smell.

Some of us also have a habit of first checking the bathroom as soon as we check in a hotel room; it gives such a sense of satisfaction. The bathroom space of your home is just like any other room, it needs care and regular maintenance. The possibilities of upgrading a bathroom is lesser and limited. If you are one of those who live with a much smaller bathroom space than the usual, it is important to know how well you can make use of it. Space might be smaller, but here are a few small bathroom ideas that can help you in make the most of all the space you have without cluttering it.


Go the vertical way!

Bathrooms hardly need any shelves or cabinets. If you want to store your bathing essentials or personal utility items, you can create a simple rack right above the sink. If you want to store things like bathroom cleaning items, your towels or robes, get a carpenter and tell him to make a small cabinet under the sink which can hold your things.

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Make use of your corners

One essential tip in our Small bathroom ideas is to use the corner spaces. If your ceiling wall is high you can get a shelf or rack place at a height which is reachable. In your shower area, you can place a rack in the corner to keep your body wash and shampoos.

Separate the bath area

Your bathroom could be about 20 sq.ft, which has the commode as well as the shower area. All you have to now do is enclose the shower area. It keeps your other half of the bathroom cleaner and dryer by either just placing a visual divider or a curtain.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

It is a tested interior solution that adding a mirror to any space will make that place look larger. Well, that does not mean that you cover all the walls with mirrors. Place a larger mirror on the wall on which you have your sink attached to or simply extend it till the shower area. You may also get a mirror cabinet for more storage options.

The tiles

White tiles are ideally the best option for a small bathroom because just like mirrors, it potentially makes a room feel larger too.

According to us, any space big or small can be optimized for ideal living with small hacks and such small bathroom ideas. What is your take on this?

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