Why winter feet care?

There is always some buzz about how to take care of your skin and follow beauty regimes and what not, but have you thought about feet care? Especially winter feet care? Winters are inevitable and when they arrive, while it allows you to flaunt all your winter clothes, it also demands skincare from both men and women. We all know some basic skincare that we need during winters and how it differs from the skincare routine we follow the rest of the year; your feet are often missed.

In colder regions of India and across the globe, we usually wear socks to protect our feet from cold. But eventually I realized that when winter strikes, our heels become rough. That has happened with all of us during winters. I am putting together a list of things that may help you achieve your winter feet care. (This works even for those who suffer from cracked heels.)

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Let your toe nails breathe

Applying nail polish and not removing for weeks can result into toe nail damage. Instead, if you have nail polish applied on your toe nails right now, remove it thoroughly and let your toe nails breathe from the next week or so. This will keep them healthy.

Get a pumice stone

There will always be some dead skin under your feet because they are closest to an exposed surface. The best way to keep your winter feet care would be to rub under your feet using a pumice stone a couple times a week. Pumice stone will help remove the dead skin and smoothens your foot’s skin.

Use an oil

Get a tea tree oil and apply it over your nail cuticles and a little under your heels. Tea tree oil will keep them hydrated and less prone to damage.


Just as your face and body needs scrubbing, it is a must for your feet. You may either use the scrub you use for your body or make one at home by mixing salt and olive oil.

Soak your feet

Of course, because it is cold and honestly, your feet must be longing for a break too. Make sure you include some soaking every now and then in your winter feet care regime.  Add some vinegar (to get rid of fungal toe nails) or you may also add some salt which works therapeutically for your feet.


Well, moisturizing is the key to your winter feet care. You will be relived of the dryness and when you moisturize your feet twice a day, the cracked surface will be gone. You will be stoked to see how will can moisturizing work for you. Also, I’d suggest that you must avoid wearing socks to sleep if the cold is bearable. Your feet likes some air too. But needless to say, at a temperature below 5 degrees, socks should be protecting your feet at all times. Make sure before you wear your socks, your feet are nicely moisturized.

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If you haven’t been taking care of your feet, then it is about time your follow this winter feet care now!

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