How to remove holi colour from your face

Yes, your favourite festival is just around the corner and we are all looking forward to Holi with a lot of excitement. Most of your moms are getting all those old white clothes from the deep ends of our wardrobes so you’re all prepped up. But other than the cool sunglasses, funky jewellery and white (old) clothes, something else needs prepping up from the holi colours. And that’s how to protect your skin.

From where I come (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-Chandigarh-Delhi) people love using colours which stay on your face and skin for at least a couple weeks. Thankfully, the millennials understand the difficulties of getting rid of colour stains and the environmental consequences, yet, it’s always good to be prepared. If you have been wondering about how to remove holi colour this time, here are some best ways to definitely swear by.

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Coconut oil

The first answer to your question how to remove holi colour is in your homes, in fact most remedies are in your household items. If something is missing, then better stock up. Applying coconut oil in your hair and over your face and skin will act as a layer so the colours do not come in direct contact with your skin. Even if you come in contact with water, it is very less likely that your skin will absorb anything from that coloured water when you have coconut oil on your skin.

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Sunscreen with a high SPF

Yes, people will rub colours on your skin which is not an excuse to skip SPF. Use a sunscreen with SPF 50 because the sun isn’t going anywhere, it’s March! It’s best to apply your sunscreen at least 20-30 minutes before you plan to head out, so your skin can absorb the SPF. Remember, the key is to protect your skin at all times.

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Petroleum Jelly

One of the best home remedies for how to remove holi colour from your face is using Vaseline petroleum jelly. It’s lying in your homes for good reason. Apply Vaseline over your nails, eye lids and ears. They need equal protection.

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Olive oil

Olive oil is a great alternative to using coconut oil. It is nourishing and also works as a skin hydrant just like its former friend. The reason any of these oils are recommended because when you are home after playing with those harmful colours, you wash your face and skin, everything comes off with the soap. This makes it easier to remove holi colours without struggling very hard.

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When you’re thinking about how to remove holi colour, often moisturizing is skipped. Before applying your oil and SPF, moisturize well. Once you’ve removed all the colours off your face and body, moisturize because all that extra effort in cleaning will make your skin drier than usual.

Rose water

I personally love rose water because it can instantly balance your skin’s PH which can go for a toss after playing holi. Rose water also has non-inflammatory properties which helps calm your skin and reduce the irritation.

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Using an antiseptic cream

It’s hard to tell how many people might really be using an antiseptic cream because the benefits are just amazing. I discovered this trick out of despair when a couple years ago after playing holi my skin began acting up and I had weird redness and zits. My dad always uses Boroline (which is a staple in most Bengali homes) and so, I gave it a try. Within two days everything on my face began to recede and then I just had clear skin. Really, give it a try.

Drink water

Yes, you will try most things in this list of ‘how to remove holi colour’ but do not forget the basics. Drinking water is basically taking care of a lot of things when it comes to keeping your skin and hair fresh and achieve the inner hydration.

Cold water

Fact check: Someone who says that hot water bath will help all colours wash away is definitely not sure about how to remove holi colour. More or less, hot water will end up making the colour stay for longer. But bathing or washing your face and body with cold water will just solidify the colour and make it come off easily. Also, when you wash your hair with cold water the chances of having dandruff is also very low.

Get Multani Mitti

A face pack which is not just natural but will also make sure your skin breathes and is free of rashes is Multani Mitti. Mix it with rose water and a drop of glycerine and you will see how supple and soft it leaves your face.

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Hoping this year you’re all sorted on how to remove holi colour and have all concerns covered. If you feel like days after your skin is still irritated, consult a dermatologist. Wish you folks the best of festivities!

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