Oil diffusers benefits– It really works!

It’s been a good one week of travelling and also not guilty of not being able to write and share my stories with you guys. But honestly, the last 7 days were needed for my mind to take a break and rejuvenate. Thankfully, with some more fantastic content I am back to share oil diffusers benefits as we bid farewell to the month of February too! The hotel we were staying in had an oil diffuser and since I have been using one at home, I made sure that I used this one during our stay too. Aromatherapy is something that helped me de-stress and I strongly feel it will help a lot of you guys as well.

Most of us have been using essential oils as a part of skincare. And yet, another one of the best ways to use them can be getting yourselves an aromatherapy diffuser or an oil diffuser.

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How do they work?

When you put a few drops of essential oil in the diffusers they release the oils into the air. Inhaling this air makes your olfactory membrane identify the essence in the oil which leads to sensory stimulation and this helps your brain perceive the aroma and reap oil diffusers benefits. A number of oil diffusers benefits are comforting someone suffering from cold and flu (blocked nose), sleep deprived, anxiety, depression, etc. It was surprising when one day my husband told me that a skin rash which seemed to have appeared was now diminishing and possibly because of the oil diffusers we have at home. You will be surprised to know that a lot of skin problems are associated with stress and anxiety that most of us are suffering from regularly.


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Types of oil diffusers

There are mainly three kinds of Oil diffusers- Ultrasonic Diffusers, Nebulizing Diffusers and Passive Diffusers. The best kind to use for your home is an Ultrasonic diffuser. These come in various shapes and sizes, can be mounted on the wall and use just a little bit of water and essential oils. To receive maximum oil diffusers benefits, it’s good to mix a couple essential oils. Also, it is recommended to set intermittent timers in your diffusers if you plan to use them all day or all night.

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Maintaining an oil diffuser

Oil diffusers benefits are more effective when you clean your diffuser regularly. If you buy an ultrasonic or nebulizing diffuser, they tend to develop a residue from the oil and water which requires regular cleaning. Or you may end up having a non-efficient or a gross, grimy broken diffuser.

Do tell me if you have experienced some Oil diffusers benefits too!

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