A new skincare solution: How to use Derma-rollers?

Very recently while I was researching for one of my articles, I again came across something called derma-rolling. Derma-rollers and the concept related to this has been around in the beauty industry for quite some time helping people with some extraordinary results. If you’re wondering how to use derma-rollers, you should continue reading how derma-rollers can help you. Derma-rolling is a boon to many women with problems such as under eye puffy eyes and acne. I have known this who idea of using derma-rollers and well I couldn’t be thankful enough for its existence.

What is a derma-roller?

Derma-roller is a new age invention which has hundreds of tiny needles. When you are derma-rolling (or micro-needling as the dermatologists say) it creates micro injuries on your skin that boosts the production of collagen and elastin. The overdrive in these elements results into tighter and plumper skin. Basically, you get a new and clearer skin than before. I am sure you are wondering how is it great poking the most sensitive part of your body with needles but honestly, the results are so surprising you might really want to give it a try.

How does derma-rolling work?

Before you begin to know how to use derma-rollers, you should know all the pros and cons. Dermatologists recommend not to use any derma-roller with needles beyond 0.5 mm because 1 or 1.5 mm could hurt more than the rest. The process of derma-rolling is ideally to fill in fine lines, wrinkles, minimize pores, heal hyper-pigmentation, slow down the ageing of your skin, eliminate the dark circles you have been forever worried about and you can even use it over your lips (for the plump feel). In last one year, many women have also gone ahead with micro-needling for acute and chronic acne and acne scars treatment. How to use derma-rollers best? Pair them with a nourishing serum and the absorption will be about 90-95%.

Does derma-rolling hurt?

Well, every good thing has some catch. With derma-rolling, you will be able to see some bleeding, but with 0.5mm needles, it won’t hurt. The process of micro-needling that dermatologists conduct is definitely more intense and hurts too. But with proper care and guidance on how to use derma-rollers right, you will be able to get through this whole process, well, almost painlessly.

Can men use derma-rollers?

I don’t see a reason why men should not get some tips on how to use derma-rollers too because men have skin troubles as well. Men across the globe are using derma-rollers and pretty happy with the results too. Just make sure you’re not using them with a lot of force. Be gentle.

How to pick the right derma-roller?

Okay, so I was browsing some options on Amazon India and there are several derma-rollers which aren’t very expensive yet highly appreciated. Most of them are with a plastic handle and can be used for 1-2 months at max. To use the right derma-roller you have to pick the right needle size. Pick either 0.3mm or 0.5 mm because that’s home user-friendly. If you need intense treatment, I strongly suggest visiting a professional and do not try bigger needles at home since you will probably end up damaging your skin.


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Finally, how to use derma-rollers?

Follow these steps on how to use derma-rollers:

  • Prep your skin by cleansing with a foaming gently cleanser.
  • Apply a good PH balancing or Hyaluronic Acid based toner. (These toners are known to be very hydrating for your skin).
  • Get a good serum, could have a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C/E. Apply evenly all over your face, under your chin and neck.
  • Now, take your derma-roller and begin with vertical, horizontal and diagonal motions across your face (not eyelids). Keep doing this for approximately a minute.
  • Do not apply much pressure. Gently roll so you do not hurt yourself.
  • Once done, finally apply another layer of serum or a good moisturizer.
  • Try derma-rolling only during the nights as you are not exposed to the outdoor environment while this procedure begins to work.
  • If you see blood, clean your face first with an antiseptic toner and then apply serum or moisturizer.
  • The change will be visible, derma-rolling must be a part of your night skincare routine at least 3 times a week.
  • The most important tip about how to use derma-rollers is to maintain it well. After every use, soak the roller in an antiseptic solution or alcohol so it is free of blood residue and bacteria.
  • Then store it in its plastic case.
  • Change your derma-rollers every new month if you use them 3-4 times a week (issues like hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and fine lines will need more use). If the frequency of use is lesser, get a new roller every alternate month.
  • DO NOT use derma-rollers on active acne. You will invite more skin problems.

Have any more questions on how to use derma-rollers or anything related? Write your questions in the comments below and we will help you find the right answer.

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