Let’s prep men’s wardrobe essentials

Kick-starting winters with some men’s wardrobe essentials inspiration. Men of today are picking up style and want to look different every time they dress. Their sense of style is getting better with time for those who really consider it as an important part of their grooming. But what about those who really can’t still figure out what to wear on different occasions? I’d say my husband has a great sense of dressing up (to an extent that I mine got better because of him) but sometimes he intentionally goes monotonous to piss me off. Nonetheless, picking up from his and several men I have known in my life and observed, here’s a list of 15 men’s wardrobe essentials for you and your loved men in your lives.

A pair of denim jeans, obviously

My husband has 6, I have one barely. His argument is I have other more options too. It’s not wrong. But yeah, a pair of good denim is definitely one of the most important men’s wardrobe essentials you will need. Pick a versatile colour, a deep indigo colour never goes out of fashion and work with pretty much everything.

A crisp white shirt

A white shirt never goes wrong. Try getting a semi-formal kind which you can wear with a pair of jeans, a pair of trousers, a pair of chinos or even a pair of shorts. It works with everything and as far as I have seen, every man looks great in a white shirt.

A denim shirt or a denim jacket

I don’t think denim trends will ever go out of fashion and an indigo denim jacket is a versatile piece of clothing. It just never fails to impress and you could always pair it across seasons.

Solid colour or printed crewneck t-shirts

Printed t-shirts are in and almost everyone loves to sport them even women do. There are several options available on random quotes and even fan shirts (GoT, LoR, F.R.I.E.N.D.S). Solid shirts on another hand can be worn with almost all kinds of bottoms and throwing in a corduroy, denim jacket or a waistcoat won’t hurt either.


Single breasted suit

Ask any woman, they will always say they love men in suits. Isn’t that obvious? Single breasted suits are suave, subtle and look sleek on men. Not only it enhances your frame but you also look taller. Just make sure you are only getting fitted single-breasted suits.

A turtle-neck sweatshirt

If you have seen a turtle-neck, it is one of the best men’s wardrobe essentials to have during winters. You can always have one or two turtle-necks and use it for years together when winters approach. Solid colours in turtle-necks are the best ones to buy.

Slim-fit trousers

Having a pair of slim-fit or well-tailored trousers has you covered for those unexpected occasions which are unavoidable. This is one of those men’s wardrobe essentials you will need often even if you think you don’t. They happen to give you a polished look paired with a pale blue or pastel coloured shirt.

Invisible comfort socks

Apart from your regular socks, having a no-show or invisible socks is great especially when you need your feet to breathe. They are extremely comfortable and should be one of the men’s wardrobe essentials.

Solid coloured joggers

Extremely comfortable to wear, you can wear it to the gym, at home or even while you have to run quick errands around the house, a pair of joggers will unlikely be disappointing ever.


Look around and you will see many boys sporting it. Sneakers work as well for men too, just make sure you pair them well. You don’t have to be dull and boring when it comes to sneakers. Experiment from the bright hues and pair them with subtle pastel coloured t-shirts or semi-casual shirts. Also, don’t confuse sneakers with sports shoes or gym shoes, however, some sneakers double up as sport shoes which you need to check.

A pocket square

I would just say please have it if you don’t and you will thank me later. With that stunning suit you own, a pocket square is that accessory which will elevate the sense of chivalry in your whole look. And I personally feel men look very regal too which makes me realize what wonders a small accessory can do to your overall look.

Aviator sunglasses

Most men have them. The brand Ray-Ban is making major money to an extent even women love aviators (I definitely do). So, if you already don’t own one, time to bring one home.

A basic hoodie jacket

Having a hoodie jacket is basically more like keeping yourself sorted for times when it is neither too hot nor too cold, yet cold. Comes in handy and is available across brand ranges. My favourites are from Adidas and Nike.

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A functional watch

Several men love watches like women love makeup. You can never have too many. But having a good sophisticated watch is a must. The strap detail or the kind of watch is pretty much about preference but is definitely one of the men’s wardrobe essentials.

A set of handkerchiefs

Having a handkerchief is gentlemanlike but sadly I see many men without them. Take cues from your dad because you will always see a handkerchief with him. Plain white ones with a subtle border play for the win.

A kurta

There might not be many occasions you could wear a kurta to, but those few times of family functions and festivals, you will need one. If you are fond of colours and prints, go and explore. But if you are someone with milder choices, a Chikankari Lucknawi style or solid Pathani kurta is for your kind.

There are several things which you will have any way, but having these men’s wardrobe essentials will just make sure that you’re covered for anything as it comes. Tell us what are your favourite men’s wardrobe essentials in the comments below.

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