Do you know the right order to apply skincare products?

The struggle is real. One can really find it exhausting to balance between the necessary skincare products for the ageing skin. And even if you’re just entering your twenties, skincare is still crucial to determine your skin health as you old. Thanks to my sister who has been actively working on her skincare regime and helping me get rid of my bad habits of hardly doing anything about my skin. Late last year she finally disclosed the right order to apply skincare products and even though it is hard, I am constantly making a conscious effort to memorize it. Nonetheless, it seems to have worked with e and a lot of other women I interact with on a regular basis across age groups and different skin types.

Is it that you have been using skincare products and still suffering from an issue you are unable to figure out? Break outs, acne, pimples, zits, dullness? Despite the products being all high end, good products? The answer is you might not be following the right order to apply skincare products. So, maybe let’s just end the vagueness and confusion of what to apply and how to apply, here’s the right order to apply skincare products.

Morning Routine:

Cleanser-Toner-Serums-Eye creams-Spot Treatments-Moisturizer-Face Oil-Sunscreen

Night Routine:

Same as the morning routine Sunscreen replaced by Lip care if you’re under 25

Cleanser-Toner-Serums-Eye creams-Spot Treatments-Moisturizer-Retinol-Face Oil-Lip care  (if you’re approaching your 30’s swiftly.)


The first step on the right order of applying skincare products is cleanser for a very good reason. I almost always skipped this step because I always thought using a cleanser gave my skin a really hard time. But that’s so not true. Makeup wipes can make the task quicker but will never completely clean the makeup off your skin like it really should. If you have combination skin, use a crème or gel-based cleanser. For oily skin, stick to gel or foam-based cleansers and dry skin folks get yourself some crème-based cleansers that don’t make your skin feel any rougher after washing.


Once upon a, time toners were filled with alcoholic derivatives that could easily stir up a hell lot of irritation for your skin. Today, toners are nothing but gentle catalysts that can speed up the whole process of absorbing the products you apply after this. On your clean, dry skin, a good hydrating toner for all skin type can really make all the evident difference. If you have acne use a toner that includes BHA (beta hydroxy acid—like salicylic acid—for oily skin) or AHA (alpha hydroxy acid—like glycolic acid or lactic acid—for dry skin), which work to unclog pores, prevent breakouts, and dissolve blackheads over time.

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If you’re from the Instagram generation, you know a lot of “Beauty Influencers” talking about the importance of serums. Possibility is you have some right now with you, clueless what to really do with them. Basically, a concoction of necessary things which are more concentrated are nothing but serums. There are various kinds of serums, some have Vitamin C while others might have a higher concentration of Hyaluronic acid. If you have normal skin type, it is suggested to use a serum which is Vitamin C concentrate but during the night you can either use a retinol serum or a hydrating serum.

Eye creams

I am 25 and I just started using eye creams about a month back or so. Eye creams can do wonders if used right. The right order of applying skincare products follow the lightest first and heaviest last which means you need to apply your eye cream before you apply all your heavy-duty products. The best way is to tap a small amount under your eye and over your eyelids gently. The skin around this area is delicate hence you would like to be gentle with the application under your eye.

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Spot treatments

Now, this is a step you can skip if your skin is complete free of any acne or blemishes. But if you do have any pimples, acne or dark spots, spot treatment is for you. While many say that it is best to add spot treatment to your skincare routine in the night because that’s when the repair is full power but using spot treatment in the day can speed up the process. For pimples you can get yourself Benzoyl peroxide that kills acne-causing bacteria—which can be used for the usual whiteheads—and salicylic acid, which is capable of dissolving oil and skin cells (you may use it for little clogged pores and inflamed bumps). For acne and dark spots, two things which can help are hydroquinone (which is a skin-bleaching ingredient that works pretty much quickly, but tends to be irritating) or niacinamide (which is vitamin B3, which gently brightens marks over time).

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In our list of the right order of applying skincare products now comes Moisturizer. We all use it pretty much but when you follow the steps, your moisturizer is capable of locking all the preceding product you just applied. In the day, if you have dry to combination skin, a light or a gel-based moisturizer should keep you happy. In the night, you can either use an anti-ageing moisturizer (if you’re approaching your 30’s) or just use the morning one in the night too.

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I have done a whole blog on Retinol so how about going ahead and reading on the why’s and how’s of retinol- click here.

Face Oils

I have combination skin and if I apply any face oil in the day, possibility is everything will come off with sweat and me doing the incessant wiping. However, face oils can actually seal in all the products on your face so everything can bind and work together. Face oils can make your skincare routine work more efficiently without feeling any loss of product.

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So, whatever you applied right now is for regeneration or hydration or healing. Sunscreen is the absolute step which will protect your skin from pre-mature ageing and harmful rays of sun. The minimum SPF that you need especially during the day is SPF 30 and even on cloudy days you must not skip this step no matter what.

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I know, reading through the right order of applying skincare products must feel daunting but honestly this will ensure your skin is taken care of on all good and bad days.

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