Are you following winter skincare?

Winter is here and the temperatures will be tepid for the next couple of months. While our sweaters are surfacing our cupboards, it is a season of chapped lips, dry elbows, almost a chaos from head to toe. I love winters but it’s a havoc for my hair and skin because we never really follow a winter skincare that suits this transition in the weather. You’re still probably oiling your hair or applying the same lotion, maybe even the cleansers that you used during the previous summery-rainy months. Nonetheless, I learned and figured a few things about winter skincare that have definitely helped me and will likely help you too.

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Use a double duty moisturizer

Our cleansing routine usually does not change so much. I still wash my face with regular frequency as earlier because there are just so many activities during the day and I cannot afford to hibernate (even if that’s my eternal wish). Winter skincare should begin with using a heavier moisturizer, especially after a shower. Apply a good moisturizer that keeps your face, neck, hands, and legs protected from getting drier.

Indulge in face oils

Serums are used before applying moisturizers which face oils are a little heavier and must be applied over your moisturizer. Face oils work just right for winter skincare especially if you think that heavy moisturizers can make your skin feel oily. Instead, use a light gel-based moisturizer and then just apply a couple drops of face oil to give your skin the extra layer of protection. Doing this in your winter skincare routine can avoid the unnecessary dryness and patchiness.



A lot of you folks will say ‘what is she even saying’! You got to exfoliate as an important part of your winter skincare because as we get closer to the harsh winters, the slowing down of our metabolism leads to cell damage. The repair and renewal are slower making our skin look dull. You can counteract the sluggishness of the cells with exfoliating and using peel off masks. The trapped dead skin comes out and there is stimulation in circulation drawing out impurities.

Sleep well

A major part of your winter skincare is sleeping well and enough. I’d recommend at least sleeping 7-8 hours because that will make you feel fresh. Use a facial oil in the night such as roseship oil and then have a good night’s sleep.

Drink water

Hydration is the key to make your winter skincare successful. The more water you drink the better it is for your skin and body. I recommend at least drinking 3 litres every day if not more. Also, get hold of face masks which hydrate and purify at the same time. Make sure you have a good face mist handy during winters. It helps making your face feel fresh. And oh, do not forget to use a good lip balm always!

If you have not been following a winter skincare routine, I hope these little things will help you get through this year’s winter. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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