Greasy hair fix anyone?

Are oily roots one of the problems you are dealing with constantly? Your mane is one of the major things that can make a great difference to your overall appearance. I struggle washing my hair most days because they’re long a couple inches below my hipline and it takes me anywhere between 45-50 minutes to wash my hair. Greasy hair fix is one of the most important things that I needed because I need to wash my hair every alternate day. Sometimes I try going without washing my hair for 4 days straight, but this occurrence is rare. There are a few greasy hair fix options that most of us know, but let’s see if we can find something new because we all know washing our hair so often has several pros but boredom too!


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Using an oil absorbing sheet

I thought oil absorbing sheets only have to do with soaking extra oil off your face. Well who knew blotting paper can be a great greasy hair fix too! Just place a few sheets in your hair sections and press. The oil will seem transferring to the paper and making your hair look better.

(Quick tip: In addition to this greasy hair fix, once your remove the blotting paper, blow dry for a quick volumizing effect.)


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Using powder

Some of us know this as a greasy hair fix. Those who don’t should know baby powder can soak a lot of oil off your hair too. Just sprinkle a little over the oily sections of your hair, then rub it off gently after 30 seconds. Resting the powder gives it some time to absorb the oil off your hair.

(Quick tip: This greasy hair tip only works when you’re onto your 2nd or 3rd day after washing your hair. Don’t expect this to work on a very greasy hair day.)


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Hair mist

Look you can never stop washing your hair, but to delay it hair mist can be your own greasy hair fix. On the 2nd or 3rd day when you feel your hair is beginning to look oily, make 3 or 4 sections of your hair and tie it in braids or bun. Spritz a few times all over your hair and let it settle for a couple minutes. Then blast your hair with hot air and let it cool down. Once your untie your hair you will have soft curls or wavy texture, a look you will love.


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Hair texturizing spray

This is a trick I figured out from my own hair dresser. You dampen your hair along the length (use a spray bottle preferably because your hair shouldn’t be completely wet). Spray the texturizing spray over the damp parts of your hair and finish with a rough dry or just let it dry naturally. The water as it evaporates minimizes the oil while the texturizing spray gives your hair some lift.


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Dry shampoo

A handy greasy hair fix is using dry shampoo. Have you been wondering why it doesn’t help you? Then you might be missing something out. Try spraying over the greasy parts of your hair from about 6 inches away. Wait for a minute and then massage with a light hand. Give your hair a rough dry.


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Things which could lead to greasy hair often:

  • Over-washing and over-conditioning will end up making your hair greasy. When you wash your hair more often, you wash away the natural oil our scalp produces to protect the roots. When your wash your hair more, the production goes on an overdrive causing an oily scalp and also hair fall.
  • Condition only in your hair’s length not the scalp. Keep it no more than a couple of minutes.
  • Over-brushing can also cause greasy hair which will encourage production of more oils that might first appear to be glossy and then greasy.
  • Do not add more to greasy hair by using products that promise shine and moisture. These products will help dry and dull hair, not greasy hair.
  • Dirty hairbrushes can act up into making your hair greasy. So, keep them clean always.
  • Washing hair with hot water? Yeah, one reason that stimulates oil production and dandruff too!
  • Touching your hair a lot can transfer the oil from your fingers to your hair strands. I am sure you must have noticed the front of your crown area getting oily first. Getting the point?

Hopefully these greasy hair fix tips should make a big difference for you just like it did for me!

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