Diwali gift ideas that will save you

October and November are two months of back to back festivities and as we have just marked the end of Navratri, I am super excited for Diwali. One of the most lit festivals in the country, I love how Diwali brings families together and it is a crazy packed set of events with your closest cousins and even the distant folks. This is also one festival when we are all hoping to receive and give some gifts. Every year right before Diwali, I am lost on what to buy. That’s also because I procrastinate and I leave it to the last minute. But this year, I have some Diwali gift ideas for all of us. Hopefully, you will not be lost like I am every time with these helpful Diwali gift ideas for your friends and family. I have tried to be as thoughtful as I can be with these Diwali gift ideas because more often than not people just gift the usual things but these are just a little different, maybe quirky too!

Fitness bands

This is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for two reasons, one, it encourages fitness and two, people will wear your gift for as long as it works. Because it is a fitness band! My sister-in-law gifted me one, and I am thankful for how it has ended up making a difference.


Mi Band 3

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Aroma Diffuser

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law surprised us with some gifts, one of which was an Aroma Diffuser. At first glance, I was a little confused but then later once we got our way to work around it, we just love how well it worked. I think an aroma diffuser can be one of the best Diwali gift ideas especially for people you love in your lives because we began to realize how it helped lowering our stress once we were home.


Dr. Trust Home Spa Luxury Home Office Cool Mist Aroma Oil Electric Diffuser and Humidifier ultrasonic Technology

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Cocktail Shaker

Know someone who loves cocktails? Maybe your friend or someone in your own family needs this and what a better time to gift them with a sleek cocktail shaker this Diwali!


Trudeau Easy Pour Cocktail Shaker

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Rice cooker

I would give this to myself before anyone else but a rice cooker can be one of the best Diwali gift ideas for the following reasons- Cooking is easier, convenient and one can cook much more than rice in a good rice cooker. Another great idea can be gifting juice blenders or coffee machines. Your folks will praise your name for eternity!


KENT Rice and Steam Cooker

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Storage Jar

Buying a nice storage jar and filling it with candies or chocolates can be a very nice Diwali gift idea for kids. These jars can be multipurpose and the receiver can use it to store whatever they like.


Chumbak Beautiful Storage Jars Teal

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Fancy tea kettle

There used to be a time most homes had kettles but somehow now I days, I don’t see them around much. A subtle tea kettle is one of those Diwali gift ideas which is not only pretty but to whomsoever, you gift it will like it!


Rose Mallow Moscheutos Tea Kettle

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Travel neck pillow

I bought one a couple months ago and suddenly I realized its importance because it was a necessity I never thought I needed. Diwali gift ideas should be thoughtful as I said earlier and you need to give a neck pillow to someone close in your family or friends who travel a lot. Trust me, they do not know this yet, but they need this.


Travel Blue Blue Tranquility Memory Foam Foldable Travel Pillow

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Have any wildlife enthusiasts in the family? A good binocular is going to make them really happy. Try gifting someone one of these this year and you will see how they adore you forever!


Olympus 118760 10×50 DPSI Wide-Angle Binocular

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Coffee gift packs

If you know someone who is a coffee lover and admires good coffee or even a coffee junkie, gift them a jar of nice coffee. I personally like David Off coffee for gifting options. You can also explore Starbucks.


David off Creation Jade Instant Coffee

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As a woman, I know no number of bags can ever be enough. Whether you want to gift something to your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, a handbag is the safest of the Diwali gift ideas that they will love anyway. You will thank me later!


Hidesign Women’s Shoulder Bag

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This list of Diwali gift ideas will hopefully help you quickly shop your favourites for your loved ones. Let me know in the comments below if you have any better Diwali gift ideas. Share this with your friends and let them help themselves too!

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