Make your makeup monsoon proof because it’s here!

Well, monsoon is here and a lot of us have already begun to struggle with the increased humidity and the never stopping kind of rains. I have been spotting women keeping it bare when it comes to makeup. It’s not really their fault, because this weather can make it challenging to wear any at all. So, you can do two things, cave because ‘MONSOON’ or try and make your makeup monsoon proof. I have a few great hacks that will help you make your makeup monsoon proof good to go for hours.

1. Dip your beauty blender in cold ice water

Not a lot of people know this, but dipping your beauty blender in cold water does a few things well:

  • Blends your makeup well.
  • Comforts your face while application.
  • Sets the makeup evenly.

Also, use only good quality beauty blenders since this is a foundation tool in order to make your makeup monsoon proof. (And I genuinely feel silicon blenders are just a fad!)

2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

I personally prefer using a couple drops of gel based light cleansers. You can use the kinds you prefer. However, if you have oily skin, you should avoid cream based cleansers during monsoon.

3. Use a toner after cleansing

This step is only for those who have dry to combination skin, toners help to make sure the pores on your face are not uncovered or troubled. Even a good mist would do.

4. Say no to foundations

As far as you can just avoid foundations. They play a big culprit in ruining your makeup. One best way to make your imperfections go away is to use a light to medium coverage concealer and then just set it with a good powder. You can also just use compact powders for days you’re super lazy. If you are someone who wears glasses, after you conceal your under eyes, do some baking with powder for 5-10 good minutes. The just spritz in some fixing spray. The makeup will not transfer on your glasses so much unless you’re sweating enormously.

5. Avoid heavy moisturizers

Trust me, this is something you should definitely think about. Moisturizers should seal the moisture on your face and body and keep it hydrated. However, during monsoon, heavy moisturizers will melt away easily and take everything else with it. I recommending using gel based moisturizers for people who have oily or combination skin. If you have dry skin, treat your face with a couple drops of serum first and then apply some gel moisturizer. Aloe Vera gel is a winner in all seasons.

6. Keep wet and dry tissues as well as blotting papers handy

This step is the key to make your makeup waterproof. Blotting paper will soak unnecessary oil and sweat. Sometimes, you might also spot crease lines on your face soon after you apply your makeup. Rubbing slightly over it with a dry tissue will even it out and you’ll be good till evening without retouching. Wet tissues are usually for any kinds of accidents.


7. Moonsoon proof your makeup with fixing sprays

After you’re done creating your masterpiece, pump a few sprays on your face evenly. Let it rest or dab your beauty blender all over your face once again to make sure the spray is even.

8. Carry face mists

Face mists are your best friends especially if you are travelling. And honestly, just have it forever. It can keep the weariness at bay and make you look fresh as a flower at all times.

9. Invest in a good light gel based primers

A lot has been said about primers. I will just get onto some primer brands that will have you covered such as Colourbar, Wet n Wild, Smashbox, Nyx, Milani, M.A.C.’s prep and prime and Maybelline too.

10. Line your lips

Lipsticks can melt away to glory too so one of our highlight tip to make your makeup monsoon proof is to line your lips and then fill in your lipsticks. A better way can also be to use liquid matte or glossy lipsticks. Glossy lipsticks works in monsoon since the rest of your face will be matte.

11. Use matte powders, and only just matte ones.

Anything shimmery will make your face look really bad and weird. Have a spare of matte blush, bronzers and a mattifying face powder. It’s going to save you from have a bad makeup day.

12. Experiment with eyeshadows

First thing to remember about eye shadows is to not use creme ones. Of course, a lot of people will differ and say it is long lasting, but a lot of us have oily eyelids too. Creme eye shadows will do nothing but cause trouble if applied. Use powdered shadows and experiment with bright colours or pastel shades as per your preference.

13. And only use waterproof mascara and liners

This is your saving grace and I have tested some amazing mascaras and liners even after swimming and nothing happens at all. (Please do not do that, it can be harmful for your eyes with the chlorine content and all.) The best mascaras are with Smashbox and Benefit Cosmetics. Absolutely love them.

14. Blend the blush well

Humidity in the air can instantly make your makeup cakey and blush is the first product to show evidently. Make sure you blend it in a well and use a good one.

15. Clean your face well

You cannot escape sweat which means that you will have to do everything to make sure that when you’re home, you clean your face really well. I usually use micellar water and have been loyal to it for years. You can also use coconut oil and then a gel based cleanser to deep clean your face. Don’t forget to add some soothing serum and moisturizer before you sleep.

I hope these hacks can help your make your makeup monsoon proof. Do write to us in the comments on what you think about these tips or if you have anything better. Also, don’t just stop reading it yourself, share these quick hacks with your friends and family too, after all every one wants to look great in monsoon too!

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