Trying the MAC Powder kiss lipstick

MAC has been one of the first brands I was super eager to use always. Now, I can say that while I do not use MAC products as such, I always look forward to what’s new in their collection. One of the recent launches are the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick that recently launched in India (but had launched in October, 2018 globally). While not all the shades are yet available online or in the exclusive stores but I could try them all out at once. You have to agree with me on this that MAC lipsticks have an amazing colour range and the collection is exciting. They are available in Matte, Crème, Gloss, Liquid matte lip colours, and more. MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks are an interesting mix of crème and matte lipsticks which I think is fantastic.


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The packaging is unlike the matte lipsticks, Powder Kiss is the same container with a matte finish exterior. The lipstick has a powdery finish with a creamy touch. If you are someone who cannot deal with the immense dryness of matte lipsticks but also want the finish of a matte lipstick, MAC Powder Kiss lipstick is definitely for you. I won’t exactly say this lipstick has any hydrating properties, but I love how it give that ultra-matte feel. I wore this lipstick for about 5 hours and it is not transfer-proof. However, if you have been using any Matte lipsticks from MAC, you know that they do not transfer easily when you sip anything. The same is the case even with the Powder Kiss Matte lipsticks. In India, this lipstick retails for Rs. 1650 and I think it is not a bad option for Matte lipstick lovers.

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