A travel packing list and something new

Earlier this year I came across something great on Netflix, ‘Tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. Watching the whole thing by yourself might feel boring but the fact is there are some key takeaways. She uses a method which is invented by her called the KonMari (The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing). If you have watched or read any of her books there’s a common question being asked does this bring you joy?”.

When you understand the KonMari method a lot of things will start making sense. You will begin to appreciate what you buy and what you have more. In fact, it has reduced my impulse of buying just anything without thinking. You learn to organize better and even gives you a sense of freedom because you will feel less chaos. Yes, it sounds more like a self-help thing but trust me this can even help you build your ideal travel packing list.

Organized living

Whether it is organizing your things or creating your perfect travel packing list, there are a few things that should be kept in mind about the KonMari concept:

  • You must appreciate what you have. There has to be a sense of belonging and you must feel thankful for what you have.
  • Start from putting things into a pile. It can be anything in your bedroom, kitchen or your travel packing list for an upcoming vacation.
  • Ask yourself what brings you joy. You’ll begin to realize that somethings do while some just don’t make you happy.
  • Art is everywhere, even in small things such as how to fold your clothes or how to store small things so you never lose them.
  • When your home and things are organized, de-cluttered, your mind feels at peace. You begin to love what you have and other things in life seem to a bit easier to deal with. This might sound silly but that actually happens.

If you have been reading my travel blogs, you know how I love to pack for all my trips. Truth is no one is perfect and even I mess my travel packing list often too. However, the Marie Kondo way is definitely something which has helped me and can help you too.

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Let’s start packing!

When I say start with your ideal travel packing list, I literally mean you need to have a list. But let’s start with your travel bag first. We all have multiple bags lying in the house. While it’s important to pick the one that’s ideal for the length of your trip, it’s also important to admire the bag you’re going to carry. Like when I need to travel for 2-3 days, I have this favourite cabin-sized bag that I love taking almost everywhere. So, that’s the one for me always.


Think small when packing

First thing that will help you travel with ease is when you travel with minimal things. Think like you’re on a trip and start making your mental travel packing list. It shouldn’t be left on the last day because you might forget a thing or two. Imagine how you can pack versatile things and yet have different looks for all occasions (day or night).

The basic travel packing list

We all have a basic travel packing list. When I make my list, I ensure that every small thing that I might need is on my list even if it is a bobby pin. If you’re travelling with people, you can always ask for something that you might not have. But when travelling alone, it’s necessary to be covered for things you might need.

Organize inside the bag

One crucial part of your travel packing list is how you pack and organize. It’s easier to find things when you categorize them in the order you like it. For instance, it’s a great idea to carry packing cubes for your work clothes or outing clothes and undergarments.

Similarly, it’s nice to keep your shoes in a shoe bag, keeping your dryer and straightener in a bag, sorting your toiletries in a kit and keeping your accessories/makeup in a manageable pouch. Especially when you are travelling, this way of organizing things will make your life so much easier.

The art of folding

Now, once you have your travel packing list ready, you have to ensure that the luggage you have picked, whether or not all the content of your list fit in well without looking like a dump. There are a few ways one can pack their luggage- rolling, folding or stacking. Now, I do a mix of stack and roll because certain things have to be stacked so they do not crease like cotton shirts.

However, when you are packing again to return from where ever you go, make sure your travel packing list include laundry bags. You can always just roll or fold clothes into smaller cubes, place them in a laundry bag and bring them back. Also, rolling or folding your clothes in cubes can actually create a lot of space when you pack. Try!


This is what packing cubes look like.

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Important things to keep in mind:

  • You have to prepare your travel packing list which only have the things you will need. If there are any emergencies, you can always find something locally.
  • Only have the essentials of your travel packing list in your handbag/laptop bag. Everything else will only make it heavier for you to carry around every where.
  • I had this bad habit and I have done something to finally change it. Unpacking all the content of your travel packing list is as important as packing them in the first place was. Remember, you appreciate what you have.
  • Pack what you need. Things like makeup need to be specifically packed because you’re not going to need all at once.
  • Make sure you have a mosquito repellent a part of your travel packing list.

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