What is pre-trip anxiety?

It’s been a while I have been pondering over pre-trip anxiety which happens to me often. Whether it is travelling to and fro for work or going on a solo trip, my stomach ends up in knots. It’s been years I have been travelling alone to places known and unknown but just before the trip is about to begin, several doubts begin to creep in. I am almost freaking out even when I am travelling with my friends (because I keep wondering about everything at large). Pre-trip anxiety can happen with anyone, even those who are pros. I usually end up worrying about the commute, my stay, safety concerns, will I be comfortable staying at my friend’s or am I piling on? The questions are endless sometimes and the only time I am not anxious about things is when I travel with my husband or my family.

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Getting over the pre-trip anxiety

First figure out what is causing this pre-trip anxiety. If safety is an issue, then invest financially making sure that you are safe in every aspect whether it is getting a cab or moving to a good hotel in a good neighbourhood.

The best way to end any pre-trip anxiety is to just go. Some of us have a habit of overthinking which is best left in the back of the mind. All my travels alone have been safe and quite fun too. So, when it is time to go, I am actually thinking it was not worth getting anxious over something that I love to do on a day to day basis. 

Kick off the pre-trip anxiety and pick on these tips:

  • Plan the first day of your arrival to the location.
  • Always have your emergency contacts written down on a note pas with you in case you lose your phone (I hope that never happens).
  • Don’t keep all your cash in one place.
  • If travelling solo, when you check into a hotel, you don’t have to necessarily tell anyone about which room are you staying in.
  • Avoid walking in the nights.
  • Simplify your trip. The idea of doing a lot during a trip can be daunting that fuels more to your pre-trip anxiety.
  • And remember, this trip is yours. Make the most of it!

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