Top things to do in Munnar

One word: Breath-taking, that’s what Kerala does to you. For years, Kerala is one destination which must be unmissed for a traveller going down South. There is a charm about this picturesque State which is inexplicable and often overwhelming for many, like it was for us. Nestled amidst the Annamalai hills, this quaint little town called Munnar, the Kashmir of South India, justifies this title every bit. While there are several things to do in Munnar but for me it was one of the most peaceful road trips. The rolling hills of Munnar flaunt a magnificent view of the greens that is one of the largest tea plantations in India. I have probably not seen so much green that I could live for a few days in Munnar. I was in Munnar in the month of December and there was this hint of cold with some rain and thankfully, the location we stayed was in the middle of tea plantation and clouds were constant guests.

Every bit of Munnar was magical and we tried and do a set of things during our 4 days of stay. Spoke to many locals about what more could be done and been there done that now. I thought it could be a good idea sharing top 5 things to do in Munnar for people who ae visiting for the first time. But honestly, Munnar is every bit of therapy, also certainly because we were living a few kilometres away from the Munnar town. Pristine scenarios, beautiful weather, peace and great company, I was literally on a detox.


Before I begin listing the top 5 must things to do in Munnar here are a few things I experienced there:

  • We were put at the Club Mahindra, Munnar, which is one of their best resorts in the country ideally for its location.
  • There aren’t many good places to eat at Munnar, we had dined at the Rapsy Restaurant which was decently good and quite reasonable.
  • There’s no liquor that I could find in Munnar whatsoever. There’s some local beer produce at some places. However, if you’re flying to Kochi and then going to Munnar, I’d suggest getting liquor from Kerala State Beverages Corporation Outlet before you go anywhere else.
  • Breathe in as much as you can, that air quality is rare and impossible to find in these larger than life cities we live in.

Do these!

Now, lets begin with these top 5 things to do in Munnar no matter what!

Elephant Safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park

If you have an intention to relive your childhood in anyway, go for this brief Elephant Safari at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park. I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I sat on an elephant and embraced it.


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Top Station

Try getting to the top station by 9 am, that’s when it opens for the tourists. When we reached there was no one and it felt like walking in the clouds. The grandeur of that view is breath-taking. For all those who love some peace, you must go to Top Station. Small overnight camps are conducted there too.


Blossom International Park

Those of you who have been to Munnar this year must have been blessed to experience the Nellakurunji blooming which happens once in 12 years. During this time the valleys in Munnar are a mix of greens and bright violets, absolute beauty. Blossom International Park has some of the rare flowers you have ever seen.


Atukkad Waterfalls

There are several magnificent falls in Munnar one of which is Atukkad Waterfalls. You will spot people coming in for little picnics and it is completely safe. Closer to Munnar, about 2 kms this is that dramatic waterfall you will love.

Anayirankal Dam

I had heard quite a lot about water sports at Munnar. Honestly, Mattupetty dam is definitely overrated. It is swarmed with people no matter when you go. That’s when we found this picturesque and serene alternative, the Anayirankal Dam. We took a speed boat ride and trust me, not only was it less crowded but I was so happy and content. It had started to drizzle which made the whole experience go one notch up!


There are several other places one could explore in Munnar but these are definitely things to do in Munnar if you are visiting for the first time.

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