Packing road trip essentials is not rocket science

People! Well, we have finally transitioned into Spring after a long-needed Winters and it’s time to pack all those woollens and gear up with your summer clothing. The fourth month of the year has just started and I have already done 4 road trips so far and let me tell you, there’s simply no stopping. Those of you who have been following me on Instagram or reading my blogs here know my absolute love for travelling and how it’s an absolute necessity for me to go somewhere at least once every month.

Well, with all this travel experience on the road, I had been thinking about sharing an exhaustive list of road trip essentials that any of us might need any time we’re on road. We travel with a lavish amount of luggage and that includes at least 95% of things one needs while travelling on road. Be patient, you might want to go till the end to know what all you need in your road trip essentials kit this time.

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Water bottle

I don’t have to explain why do you need water bottles. Water is essential and road trips can especially cause dehydration during long hours of road trips. It’s better to have bottles that have thermal insulation, so you can have cold or hot water for hours.

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Spare plastic/reusable bottles

Recently we had a car break down and we needed to bring in some water. Since we didn’t have reusable bottles, we had to drain all the water we had in our bottles and then use them to get water which was required for the car. Sigh! Lesson learnt.

Spare tyre

More or less we all have a spare tyre in the car trunk. Before every road trip make sure you check whether your spare tyre is in a good condition. (This is one of the high priority road trip essentials.)

Tool box

A fully equipped tool box is a necessity and can never be ignored. You night need it for your own car or someone else might need some help. Either ways, this sorts you for minor repair needs during your road trip. (This is one of the high priority road trip essentials.)

Road side emergency kit

Some things are of absolute necessity and this is one of those things especially if your car breaks down during night.  (This is one of the high priority road trip essentials.)

Flash light or a Torch

You might want to find anything that has fallen in your car or look into your car. Flash light is an important road trip essentials and can help you in all circumstances.

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Phone holder or a car mount

It’s always a good idea to have a car mount in your car especially if you are planning to navigate to your destination. You should never hold your phone while driving.

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Your license and registration

In all eventualities you must always have these two documents before you start for your road trip. If cops ever stop you, not having these can cause major troubles. (This is one of the high priority road trip essentials.)

A copy of your car insurance

Accidents can happen with anyone. Having a copy of your car insurance can ease the tension during your road trip. (This is one of the high priority road trip essentials.)

A notebook

I love taking notes and recording the places we crossed or what we ate during our road trip. It is an experience and a notebook comes handy always.

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Pen and a pencil

Essential, because how else were you going to write anything then?

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A map

You may or may not have internet connectivity every town your cross through. Lost signals are a common phenomenon during a road trip. So, it is advised to always have a map with you. If you don’t know how to really read a map, it is about time you do.


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A bug spray or fabric roll on

Mosquitoes and bugs are omnipresent which means you must be protected from them at all times. Make sure you have a bug spray in your car and some fabric roll on mosquito repellent so these bugs don’t come near you.

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First aid kit

Never travel anywhere without a first-aid kit whether you are on road or travelling my any other mode of conveyance.

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Spare money

You should never be short of cash on a road trip and having some in spare always helps especially when a vendor has no facilities to accept your credit cards.

Power banks

Folks, power banks are a necessary travel accessory now a days because of its accessibility. If more than two people are taking a long road trip, I’d recommend having at least 3-4 power banks with you.

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Toilet roll

It’ll save you during your road trip when you can’t find a rest room and you really have to go!!!

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Wet wipes

You might not always find a way to stop and freshen up every hour or so. Wet wipes are great for road trips because you can use them to clean your face, hands and remove most kinds of dirt.

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Never travel without food and instant snacks. You’ll regret if you do. We have an exclusive bag dedicated to food for each road trip we take.


Towels are versatile road trip essentials. They can work as window shades, instant pillows and of course to clean up all kind of mess.

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An umbrella during a road trip? Because you might have to get out of your car even and especially if it rains.

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It’s best to have them in your travel bags or car’s glove box because using chargers can always charge your phone faster than a power bank. Power banks are more for emergency uses.

USB Cords

USB cords are great when you have no charger but a USB port in your car which can charge your phone as well as camera.

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Aux Cable

A road trip with friends or people who have different tastes in music can be difficult because the person on the passenger seat ends up skipping songs. Aux cable can be connected to the music system in your car and then every one can just play music they like, in turns!

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Your favourite on-a-road-trip-playlist

One of the absolute road trip essentials. You’ll be dead bored if you don’t have this. We measure the time we spend in the car by the number of cars we played. I have a playlist of 300+ songs, still adding.

Travel games

Pick the ones you think will engage everyone in the car. Pocket chess or scrabble are not good ideas to play in the car but can definitely be fun during your road trip.

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Just never forget your camera okay? I don’t say you should capture every minute of your road trip but some memories are best captured and then looked back at.

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Ear phones

If you’re not going to drive, having earphones is best for your own personal experience when you want to watch your favourite TV series or movies. Also, it doesn’t disturb anyone!

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Neck pillow

I understood the importance of Neck pillows very recently and as good as they are for flights, I recommend having neck pillows in the car too. They will support your neck and posture when you fall asleep in the car.

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When you are travelling 300-400kms at a stretch, it’s good to have small pillows or cushions so your back is feeling well rested.

Book or books you would like to read

I have motion sickness, never read books in any mode of transport. But for people unlike me, carrying a book you have been wanting to read for a long time is the best way to make use of your time on a road trip.


The driver should have UV protected or polarised sunglasses while driving. It is recommended for the passengers too to have a pair with them during their road trip.

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Blanket or a Shawl

I am someone who feels hot most of the times. It is annoying when another passenger in the car wants the AC temperature to be increased even when it is just at 24 degrees. So, if you get too cold too soon, carry your own blankets with you.

Hand sanitizer

You’ll be touching a lot of random things on your road trip. It’s always a good idea to have sanitizer with you.

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Pain killers and prescribed medicines

Basic and prescribed medicines should always be with you whenever you’re travelling. Anyone travelling with you might need it. (This is one of the high priority road trip essentials.)

Nausea medicines

There can be a lot of reasons why someone might feel nauseous such as mountain climbs through the twists and turns, excessive heat, etc. Medicines for nausea can curb the symptoms and doesn’t ruin the trip for you.


Water with electrolytes

Since dehydration is common when you go on road trips, its always a good idea to have some Electral or water with electrolytes to avoid loss of energy.

Eye drops

Eyes get dried up during road trips. Get a fresh bottle of eye drops and carry that with your during your travel. It rests the eyes very well.

Chewable Mints

We always have them when we travel. Keeps your breath fresh and you’re not feeling parched.

Tangy candies

Tangy candies can help and prevent nausea. Always have some with you.

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Tea/Coffee instant sachets

If you want to have hot beverage during your road trip, it’s best to have instant tea/coffee sachets with you so you never have to worry about the quality anywhere. Hot water is pretty much available everywhere.

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Car cooler

It’s best to have a car cooler or a cool box which can keep some beverages cool for you.

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Travel mug

I like to carry my travel mug ideally because I can just sip my coffee straight from the mug. It is a great road trip companion.

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Travel shoes

Wear comfortable shoes when you’re travelling for hours together. Keep a pair od sport shoes and slippers for sure during your road trip.

One day packed bag

This is more like a road trip essentials hack. If you have stops planned during your road trip, then it is best to pack a small bag with just the necessary things for that night. That way you won’t have to pull out all your luggage.

Reusable shopping bags

Having reusable shopping bags always help since you can easily keep them with you whenever you need to buy something or just dump things back into your car.

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Reusable utensils

One of those road trip essentials people miss is having reusable plates or utensils. We always like to carry paper dishes with us along with a garbage bag.

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Pocket mirror

You want to quickly get a look in the mirror or may be just fix your lipstick? Pocket mirror is one of those road trip essentials that has your back.

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Compact hair brush

Road trip essentials 101, having large things to use in the car will always make it difficult such as a full-size hair brush. Instead keep one which is compact and is easy to use.

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Lip balm

Honestly, if you wish your lips don’t crack due to the dehydration, then just keep a good lip balm handy. One of the road trip essentials you should never forget.

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This made to our road trip essentials list because I have personally felt what can happen when you do not have sunscreen on and you step out in the sun.

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Face mists

When you’re packing for your road trip essentials, do not forget keeping a face mist too. It can instantly freshen up your face and keeps your skin hydrated.

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Your basic toiletries

This list of road trip essentials is not including the basics of what all you need while you are travelling in your toiletries. Pack pretty much everything that you have been packing and might need as per your preference.

Hair ties

Ladies, have spare hair ties. This is definitely one of the road trip essentials because when you lose the only one, you panic!

Swiss knife

The last trip I had in February made me realize that Swiss knives are truly one of the most important road trip essentials. You can open bottles, cut paper, rope, etc. Highly recommend you to get one if you do not have one.

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Tweezers should be a part of your road trip essentials because if you’re travelling straight for 10-15 days there’ll be unwanted facial hair you might want to get rid of.

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Eye mask

When you’re not driving, you might want to rest your eyes for a bit. An eye mask is one of those road trip essentials that can hep you achieve it.

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You must be thinking that this seems like a lot, but actually once your have bought these road trip essentials, you won’t have to worry for the next many of your trips. It’s always a good thing to be prepared for as many situations as you can be.

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