How to pack your bag in 5 minutes: The lesson I learnt

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I have earlier talked about how I love travelling alone. There is a rush of adrenaline and I am super excited. So whether the trips are short or long, I am always on my toes, always ready to travel even if it is for 12 hours. I know how to find time to do fun things. However, whether my trips are work or leisure, there has been a couple times when I was just a few minutes away from missing my bus, train or flights. Why? Because I was onto last minute packing. I am really organized about the way I work but lately, travel packing have been an issue of concern.

My dad is a frequent traveller due to work reasons. 25 years of incessant packing has made him pretty darn organized about how he packs irrespective of the number of days he needs to pack for. Yet, I have been poor until I realized these few things about how to pack your bag in 5 minutes. Let’s get started.

List it out!

Yes, this is vital if you want to save yourselves hours of thinking on what to take and what not. Honestly, most of us women have a habit to over pack and eventually using just a couple things. Unless one is blessed with a supernatural power of packing pro, I think we all need to maintain a habit of making a list. If you have a 2-3 days travel planned just list out the bare minimum necessities. Obviously, this is a process that will take more than the 5 minutes that we are focusing on. But once you have made your list, it can be used often maybe with just a couple alterations.


Pick the right bag.

Unless it is a 5-7 day travel, you don’t need a check-in size bag. Try buying bags is two or three sizes. For an instance, I have a few kinds of bags. There is one for long vacations or when I need to fill my bag with a lot of shopping (a large bag). Then there is a medium size check-in bag which can ideally fit in my essentials for about a week. And a small check-in size bag for 2-3 days travel. If I have just going somewhere overnight, I take a duffel bag along.


Have certain things always ready to go with.

If you are always wondering how to pack your bag in 5 minutes, this step is important. Things like toiletries, shoe cleaning accessories and first-aid should always be pre-packed. Last year I bought a kit and filled in all toiletries that I might need during my trip. It also has some first-aid which comes in handy. I come back from a trip and then keep the kit aside as it is with everything in it. With this I know that department is taken care of and I am ready to go.

Know your accessories.

A hair dryer, straightener, curler, do you really need all of those, especially when you are just going out for a couple days? I never carry any of them. I usually keep my hair natural or try some basic hairstyles for evening outings. Ladies, if you’re carrying makeup and skin care products, you don’t have to take a huge makeup kit with everything that you have in your vanity. Just what’s important like moisturizer, toner, an essential serum if any and a compact makeup kit. As far as shoes are concerned, a man should have a pair of leather shoes and then for casual affairs a pair that he is most comfortable in. Maybe sneakers or a pair of brogues. As a woman, I love wearing heels. But running around in them during meetings isn’t practical. So I carry two pairs, one is a leather brogue for the day and heeled boots (they’re super comfortable to dance in!).


Practice your clothing

This doesn’t mean pull out everything from your closet and try it on. It’s more of a mental game. Think of all the occasions that you might have to attend during your travel. For example, I usually have a couple meetings a day, then I meet friends followed by going in a happening place in the night. In a day like this, I would carry a semi-formal morning wear which can work even while I meet my friends and a mid-length dress or a pair of shorts or a skirt with a casual shirt and tank top for the evening. Packing clothes that easily can be worn in different ways are great for short travels. The whole what to pack now with a lot of practice I do it mentally now. You could begin yourselves by mind-mapping what to wear when you are going to a party or wedding.


Begin the dumping!

From how to pack your bag in 5 minutes to oh! I know how is a great transition. You might have to spend some time in prior to understand and figure out a couple things but once you do, all it takes is just throw it all in the bag and 5 minutes. Lay out everything on your bed, open your bag and begin packing up!

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Always stay minimal, that’s the key about travelling and light packing.

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