Vacation hangover is really a thing

I just had to write about this. Ideally, because I just came back from a mini vacation and the first week after that has been saddening. Well, not really saddening, but in a way dull and it feels like I have been way too tired. Travelling for pleasure and travelling for work are two completely different things. It wasn’t too late that I realized I am a victim of vacation hangover. Well, it at least seems to be a thing with many. Before your vacation is about to begin, there’s a rush of excitement of exploring new things or just finding a quick escape from our monotonous lives. Many people think that a vacation is supposed to leave you rested, but instead, we end up being drained. Nevertheless, since I have found some things to do myself to get away with all that after vacation hangover, I thought you could give them a try too!

Line up things

When you are on a vacation, you usually have too many things to do. I definitely do such as finding out new places to eat, different locations to explore, activities to do, etc. Once you are back home, there is this sudden void that seems to appear. To save yourself from this the best way is to line up things. Could be small things like meeting a friend you haven’t been able to or going grocery shopping.


Unpack your bags

Last December, I was off with my husband to celebrate our first anniversary to Kerala. I was dreading coming back because Kerala is absolutely beautiful. It eventually took me two weeks to completely unpack my bags. If you have a vacation hangover then this happens to you too. So, I suggest, you immediately unpack your bags remembering the good things and hoping you’re packing your bags again for your next adventure soon.

Resume the workout

I personally feel working out is the best solution to your vacation hangover. As soon as you’re feeling physically active, it is easier for you to blend into the routine again. If you do not go to the gym, I’d suggest walking 30 minutes every day or so.

Eat nice and well

Travelling always bring good food along with it. Are we also dreading not eating all those yummy dishes once we’re back home? If that’s a yes for you try and eat nicer things during the first week of you returning back in moderate quantities. Please do not stuff yourselves with junk, it’s not helpful at all.

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And stay hydrated

I usually consume lesser water when I am travelling versus when I am home. Just like party hangover needs more water consumption, vacation hangover needs water too!
Stay off Social Media especially Instagram
Somehow, Instagram is a culprit in making us wondering ‘I wish’. Look, you’ve had a great time and everyone in the world deserves to. If you are someone who is influenced by what your friends post or do or travel to, maybe just stay away from looking at such Instagram posts and instead be grateful.

Call your friends home

Yes, your friends can help you get over vacation hangover too. Sit and relax with your friends catching up on old things or the new ones. I am sure you will definitely feel better.

Sleep well

My family and I love to take long road trips and so, we are bound to get really tired eventually by the time we are back home. It is very important to get some good guilt-free sleep. 8-9 hours of sleep will get you well rested.

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The vacation is over and you’re back home. That’s the reality. Accept it, and the sooner you do the faster the vacation hangover ends. Best is to tell yourself that when one holiday ends, there’s always the second one coming ahead.

Take it easy

There’s no harm to feel the vacation blues or having a vacation hangover. Most of us have it and it is completely fine to take it easy. There will always be so many more travel opportunities that will always fill you up with happiness.

Share this with your friends too, you never know how many people need a vacation hangover guide! Also, tell us in the comments how you deal with your vacation hangover.

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