Moving a lot has always been clubbed with adding more things and then discarding a lot more. If you enter my bedroom, you will always find a lot of books and rest every thing is inside cupboards and cabinets. The idea is to cozy up and maintain the comfort in the bedroom.

Your bedroom has space for a bed, and little more!

There are some things one is born with, and cannot get rid of easily Needless to say, the things that we keep in our bedrooms should not be those things them. Look around and you will see things in your bedroom that you definitely can, and should remove to allow yourself more space to breathe – quite literally.

So what if that cabinet fits perfectly in your bedroom, whether from the point of size or look? Maybe it still has a utility value for you. Perhaps you are attached to it or simply feel a sense of comfort having it around. Nevertheless, there is a time and place for everything, as the saying goes. And it is quite possible that this particular cabinet has worn itself out from this perspective.

Actually, there could be lots of such stuff that would be better out of your bedroom to make the room more comfortable and relaxing. Looking for suggestions for what those things could be? Let’s tell you of some.

Extra Furniture

Every room has that extra bit of furniture which, though a perfect fit for some corner, may actually be in your way. Could it be that small table which you keep falling on when you get up at night to use the washroom? Or perhaps the stool at the corner which looks so nice out there but is inevitably an obstacle to your free movement? It’s time to move them out of your room. A cluttered bedroom is hardly a place to relax at the end of a tiring day, especially if there are things that keep coming in your way.

Your favorite chair has been there for as long as you remember. You remember your dad lounging in it with you on his lap when you were five. It’s a different matter that you haven’t used it for years now, except perhaps to pile up your dirty laundry or your clean clothes. Well, I understand it would be heart-wrenching for you to throw it away, but what’s stopping you from shifting it to another room! Use that space for something else, more essential to your existence in the bedroom.

Messy clothes everywhere?

Talking of laundry, the laundry basket in your bedroom need not be the necessary evil it currently is. How about finding space in your cupboard for the laundry and freeing up the space for something more attractive, or simply keep that corner unused, to help you move around more freely? Or just as I do, I have kept my laundry basket in the bathing room, much convenient eh?

Oh my Pillows!

Do you really need all those extra pillows lying around on your bed? Do they really make you feel comfortable? Seems doubtful, considering that you are perpetually trying to adjust them before throwing your head on the one that is perfect to sleep on! Naturally, then, you need to clean up your bed of those not-really-needed pillows.

A TV? Really?

There is a place for everything. And come on, you don’t really need a television screen to distract your mind in the bedroom. Bedroom is meant to relax and not for watching television. And quite frankly, in this digital age you have everything on your mobile in any case. So why use up precious space for a TV set? Instead create an open shelf and stock up all your books on them and pick one to read anytime.

The point is that there really is a lot of unnecessary stuff cluttering up your bedroom and it will do you quite a bit of good to find some other place for it.

Trendogue Recommends

  1. Use white sheets more often. They make your room much airy and comfortable. White bed sheets are my personal favourites.
  2. All the bedding (blankets, pillows, etc) that you use regularly should find a place to be stored. If you’re moving to a new house and looking forward to buy yourselves a bed, get one with a storage which can easily be accessed every day.
  3. Add good lighting. Often you might not need bright lights so may be a table lamp alone could do.
  4. Keep it minimal and clutter-free. Piling it up will create chaos and when you return from a long day at work, a messy bedroom is bound to create mental distress.

How does your bedroom look? Do have any exclusive tips? Share it in the comments section below.

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