Hot heels Mistakes: Yes, it isn’t ‘Hot Wheels’ but Hot Heels! Don’t tell me that every time a woman passes by walking in heels, you don’t look at her? Irrespective of the gender, I think every one looks at that elegantly walking tall woman. I never was someone who loved walking in heels. I still remember when I was back in 11th grade, there was this first Model United Nations conference I had to attend in BITS Pilani. That’s when I was buying all my formal wear along with a pair of black hot heels.

Sadly, I had bought a wrong size and I realized this when I was getting ready for the first session of the conference. There were other delegates in my room, mostly elder and more experienced. They felt my struggle and told me a few things I could do to avoid slipping out of my heels and avoid that uncanny pain. No matter how many tissues I fit in to make that pair the right size, walking in heels was still impossible. I had immediate sore feet and I had to walk back to the hostel bare feet (which actually felt better)!

All kinds of ‘Hot heels’.

Basically, with that one horrible experience, I had made my mind, never to touch such shoes ever again. I would wonder that may be wearing heels isn’t ideal looking at my body weight. All sorts of crazy thoughts and I never touched the hot heels ever again until 3 years back. I think heels are hot heels for the following reasons:

  1. They make you feel hot. Well, you look hot, but you will notice that if you stand on them for longer or walk in them because you’re so conscious, you might sweat more and feel hot. It’s a funny observation, but it sure happens.
  2. Walking in heels and wearing them often at events boosts your morale. I mean I am 5’7″ but still wearing heels makes my feel a little more confident.
  3. A lot of head turning happens. If someone I see walking in heels, I completely admire how well they can walk. And of course the kind of heels they have. Hence, ‘Hot Heels’.

The mistakes I made, have helped me decide what to buy first when I was buying a new one 3.5 years back. To my misery, buying those was a fail too. I hate shopping in stores, so I had ordered a pair of Pavers England fro Flipkart. They were definitely hot heels kind, with a croc-finish and black about 4″ tall. With no platform under the toe, it killed my feet every time I wore them. With a lot of conviction I must have worn those heels about 5-7 times and after that, I don’t remember when did I use them again.

To begin which the kinds of heels, they are mainly of three types: Low, mid and high heels. I really love wearing and walking in high heels. So when you look at my shoe closet, all you will see is high heels of 5″-6″. And then you will wonder and ask, “Do you wear them all day?” or “How can YOU wear them?”. I will answer all of that ahead.


Breaking Types of heels

A lot of us have always worn shoes with some heel, mostly low. Let’s begin with what are the different types you will find in the stores around you so walking in heels is a little simpler.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are petite heels. If you are someone who feels uncomfortable with high heels, ballet flats are your kinds. They usually have about a cm and a half heel to go with. If you are trying to begin walking in heels, try…

1.5″-2″  Kitten Heels

The balls in our heels are delicate, and if you are someone who loves the charm of hot heels but want to keep it low, a 1.5″ to 2″ heels are great. Walking in heels like these is much easier. Kitten heels particular have a feminine look to them. You can wear these all day, feeling alight and minimal pain in your heels.

A 3″ stiletto heel

A 3″ is not very different from the kitten heels with 2″ heel. You can also find wedges in 3″.


I have a couple pairs of pumps and I think they look fantastic. You can wear them for both formal and casual looks. They are available in 4-5″ in height and have a low cut around the front. With someone who is a little higher side on weight might feel very uncomfortable wearing them initially as all your weight is shifted on your toes. However, I have been wearing heels for about 3 years now and I know that probably pumps are the most comfortable ones of all.


My favourites and the ones I love the most, stilettos. They are real hot heels and are also the tallest of all. Its height can range from 6″-8″ and can cause quite some harm to your body too. Because I cannot resist wearing them, I have hot heels measures to follow to further avoid knee damage and lower back problems.

Ankle Strap and Sling Back heels

I am very fascinated by the ankle strap heels. They cuff right above your feet. The heel height varies across styles and is currently a rising trend among folks. The best part about these heels is that even if you wear a 6″ ankle strap, you will feel more comfortable walking in heels as your feet is more secured. Similarly, the sling back pair of heels has a strap that goes around the back of the Achilles heel. They are very elegant and a must have in shimmer tones.

Cone heels

These heels have a cone-shaped heel. They might feel more comfortable as compared to stilettos to wear on a long day.

Wedge heels and sandals

Wedges are great as heels because they have a good supporting base and more comfortable. This narrows down the chances of your stumbling and tripping over things by 95%. Again, wedges come in different heights, but it is best, to begin with a 4″ one to first understand whether you can carry its weight.

Platform heels

Platform heels are highly preferred when we begin wearing and walking in heels. The height of the platform can be short to tall proportional with the height of the heel. I personally feel more comfortable wearing in a platform heel because they instantly become more comfortable and the weight shifts equally across the shoe.

Hot Heels Peep toe

This is simple, a pair of heels with a cut tip where your larger toe is partially exposed, that is a peep toe. I think these are great if you want to wear them in your own wedding or someone else’s. Paint your nails with the worldly colours and flaunt tall!

High heeled boots and Ankle boots

I have seen a lot of people sporting a high heeled pair as well as the ankled boots. They look really stylish and are super comfy too as your feet is completely covered. In my experience, they’re only great when in a colder country. No matter how gorgeous they look, I would still pass on wearing them in India.

Chunky Blocks

Unlike the other kinds, they have a square heel. They provide more stability and balance. If you are wearing heels for a longer duration in the day, these will make walking in heels easier.

Walking in heels, the mantra


A wise man once said ‘No pain, no gain’. True, but with wearing hot heels, ‘More the pain, bigger the loss’. A few things that could instantly happen are foot issues and back or spine related problems. I have had them for a long time. To make sure you don’t have them, try these tested things.

  1. Test: Even the pair of heels you liked will leave you in pain. When going shopping, test wearing different heights and walk fork a couple minutes. Once you’re sure of the height, get the one you like in the RIGHT SIZE. If you are first-timers, get one with a narrower front so your foot doesn’t slide forward.
  2. Cushion: I wear heels for at least 8-10 hours in a day, and that can give me serious issues. So I chose to invest in good in-soles and cushion pads. Trust me, my feet felt also no bruise after that. Also, if you think you’re going to slip in your heels, try getting some heel grip too.
  3. Stability: If you are someone who is fond of wearing heels on their daily routine should wear the ones with thinker heels. You will be able to walk faster and the hot heels factor prevails too.
  4. Trials before important events: If tomorrow is a party, you need your pair of hot heels. Then, try your heels one day before, in the night, of course before the store closes. With all the walking and exertion, your feet swell up and when you try, you will instantly know your right size and the exact comfort your feet need.
  5. Height test: How do you ever know the right height for your comfort? Wear a pair, and stand straight. Lift yourself up on your toes about an inch. If you can, then it’s perfect but if you can’t then the hot heels aren’t good for you.
  6. The Walk: First the heel, then toe. That’s all. Walk straight, no rocket science. Take baby steps and then walking in heels will not be so difficult after all.
  7. Have bandaids: To avoid blisters on the back of your heel.
  8. Practice: One day before an event, take a few hours when you are wearing your heels in the house. Continue walking in heels while you’re running errands. You will know how many hours can you actually sustain in them, and it’ll also help acquainting with your hot heels.
  9. Save a spa: As your skin needs moisturizing, your feet need a lot of love too after a tough day walking in heels. Book a spa or do it yourself. You can rub ice or apply foot cream to keep your feet happy and supple.
  10. Feel Confident: The more you walk in heels, the better you feel. You don’t have to worry about who’s looking or whether you will trip over on your next step. Let loose and relax. Being conscious won’t help, and as you practice more, the comfort level will increase eventually.

I love wearing high heels, but I also know how challenging walking in heels can be. Even though I have about 8-10 pairs, the frequency of wearing them varies according to its comfort level. The body needs time to adjust to the kind of heels you and practicing more and more is a must.

Trendogue recommends


  1. There are a lot of local as well as international brands that make heels. I preferably wear heels from M&S, Aldo, Forever 21, Zara and H&M. If you are willing to buy an exorbitant pair, Jimmy Choo has high heels that are quite comfortable.
  2. As a shoe lover, there are three kinds of hot heels you must own: black pumps, a statement pair of heels and thick heeled shoes. I have a beautiful black pair of heels that is versatile, a pair of thick-heeled oxfords which can be pretty much work every where and a few statement heels for special purposes.
  3. If you have knee problems, I strongly suggest stop wearing heels for a while and show a good doctor. Get your treatment first and then wear wedges because they almost feel like flats but also have heels.
  4. Always carry an extra pair of flat shoes with you, preferably flats. You never know what might happen suddenly. Sometimes when my feet begin to hurt, I quickly switch into my flats.
  5. Do not force yourselves to wear heels. Because someone else wears too doesn’t mean you have to and go through all the unnecessary pain. Save yourself all that misery.
  6. As a regular consumer of heels, store them well. They will easily last for years altogether.

What are your hot heels favourites? Tell us in the comments section below!

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