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Travelling is slowly becoming a lifestyle rather being a luxury. You can travel to world-class facilities or just pick a backpack and head out to your favourite destination. Of course, we love to flaunt our vacation dresses and be Instagram friendly, but there are some countries where dressing up is slightly more restricted. Usually, these conservative countries are Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist which require you to dress timidly. When we visit these countries, it is necessary that we respect its culture while exploring the depths. Since I live in India, I have understood about dressing up in various ways as I grew up. And hence, I am putting together a packing guide for conservative countries. So, next time you plan to travel to countries like Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Turkey, you will already have a packing guide with you.


Packing essentials and accessories

The packing guide for conservative countries no matter whichever country you plan to go will more or less remain the same. I always thought that dressing up could be tricky but it’s always better to dress as moderately as possible to avoid unnecessary attention.

Maxi skirts

Most of us love wearing skirts. This can be one clothing of necessity in your packing guide for conservative countries. Whether you are visiting a mosque or a temple, since your knees aren’t showing, it is a respectfully seen piece of clothing.


Certain places of religious importance might require you to cover your head. I usually like to keep a light breezy scarf handy so I can cover my head easily and then just toss it back into my bag.

Long shrugs

I love long oversized shrugs. You can wear a pair of leggings and a tank top underneath and then just layer it all with a long shrug. This is one look which can easily be pulled well from day to night.

Full-sleeved blouse

When picking a blouse try picking lighter colours and airy material so you aren’t bothered by the heat. Full sleeved blouses come in various stylish patterns and can be paired best with flowy pants or even skirts.



This is another essential I have picked for this packing guide for conservative countries because of its versatility. I’d suggest having Capri trousers if all you plan to do is explore the city. (Also, because Capri or cargo trousers have many pockets which means you have more place to keep your random small things)


Being in India, on several occasions whether festive or just daily work routine, I prefer wearing a nice kurta with a pair of leggings. This made to my packing guide for conservative countries because leggings are super comfortable to go around with. There are variants such as jeggings which can also be worn casually.

Wide-legged pants or Palazzos

Who doesn’t like a flowy pair of pants? Pick from prints or just a solid colour and you can wear it with a blouse, accessorize and look gram friendly.

Maxi dresses

I personally love maxi dresses not only because they are ‘conservative countries friendly’ but also how fashionable they can look.

Long or Short tunics

Tunics are a very nice way of converting it into a dress and also a decent piece of clothing as per the place and occasion.

Mid-length airy dresses

Mid-length dresses are just as good as maxi dresses. But when you go to countries like Sharjah or Abu Dhabi or a religious location in Dubai, try wearing clothing that covers your knees.


Kaftans are nicer when you are travelling to a colder country. Kimonos and shawls can be quite handy too.

Denim shirts

An addendum to blouses, this is a variant in your top wear. However, can be a little hotter though. I usually use my denim shirts as shrugs and then just button it up when required.

I have tried to make this packing guide for conservative countries as playful as it could be. I’d suggest you play with colours but pick lighter fabrics so you do not have a lot of weight to carry along. Accessorize with silver or gold jewellery as per your preferences.

Have any more questions with how can you pack for conservative countries? Write in the comments below and we will help you with a solution.

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