My experience of moving from one place to another

Last few days have been tremendously challenging. My family has been running around fulfilling all items of a list that we made of things we need in the new house. As fun moving from one place to another might sound, it is equally horrible. There is so much to do, so much to discard and so much to organize that it eventually gets on your nerves. Each day over the last month, I have deeply loathed. Moving from one city to another is may be much easier. We would always hire a packers and mover company who would basically take care of the big stuff. And we would pack all our clothes and take a flight. Of course, then come back, unpack and settle would take about a few days.

However, moving intra-city is tough. You are either moving to another rented house, to a new house or maybe getting married!

Moving to my new house

Congratulations, if you have recently or about to move into a new house. For me, the experience is full of horror. We bought this lovely house which apparently is in a great township, but only a 15 km away from the main happening area I used to live earlier in. If I have to list out my real challenges, here are a few.

  1. Commute, period. I need to shuffle between meetings everyday at odd hours, so how do I do it? Travel by a cab? Really! Possibility is my laziness plays a dominant role here because earlier every time I had a meeting, I just had to leave the house about 5-10 minutes early. Now, it’ll be at least 30-45 minutes before I can reach on time.
  2. Shopping. Buy every thing in advance, but how many times really?
  3. Internet. I am a consultant working with clients, so internet plays a big role when I have to work on my assignments or research. I have been constantly struggling last 7 days to get a decent internet connection here. But somehow nothing seems to workout. How cool is that?
  4. Meeting friends. That’s a far sighted dream. Even when we all live in the same city, we still can’t meet often because of our busy schedules. And now that moving from one place to another new one have happened, it’ll be even more difficult.
  5. Getting a cab. Uber is great, but I still need to wait 10-15 minutes which earlier was just a couple minutes of waiting.
  6. Bank related trips. The place I lived in earlier used to be one of the posh locations with everything at much closer vicinity. Now, that’s a long long drive.
  7. Emergencies. I don’t even want to think about that.
  8. Convenience is far gone. And gone for quite some time. No newspapers by the door.

In the end…

Despite all these hardships, you have your own beautiful dream house. No matter how much I hate the things I have mentioned up in the list, I know that where I live now is a lot more peaceful than where I was. It is serene, away from all the car honking and city hustle and much much green. More over, when it’s your own, there is a different charm about every element that we add to our homes.

Have you had any experiences of moving from one place to another? Tell us in the comments below!

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