Where to shop online: The Struggle

If I have to describe myself as someone who shops, I am rather a smart shopper. Why? Because if I am in a mall and you say I have about 30 minutes, I could probably come out with a few things to wear or nothing in 10 minutes. The logic is simple here, if I like something, I pick it up instantly. If I don’t, there is no unnecessary trial or thought process into buying it ever. Usually, I am just swiftly browsing through the store and if something catches my attention then that’s it.

But ever since the e-commerce bubble has emerged and rather emerged well, I spend time shopping online. Where to shop online was never a question initially because there were just a few websites offering goods of need in India like Flipkart and Amazon. However, as I understood things more with every year, there were specifics that were not available on these websites. In the US and UK, e-commerce websites such as Macy’s were already doing this job on a much larger scale. For a long while, I had to go to Mumbai or Delhi to get things I wanted. Sadly, Sephora isn’t in Ahmedabad so I need to. With time, these websites grew eventually broadening their offerings too.

Yet, I feel there are some better websites one can definitely shop from. I have used most of the websites personally and I will categorize them item wise.

Where to shop online from?


Let’s begin to know what all can you buy from this wide spectrum of e-commerce in India.


Shopping jewellery online is a debatable topic. If you speak to your parents, they will sternly defy the idea. But, as our generation has a great risk-taking appetite, we can definitely try at least once. I was always apprehensive thinking about the possible defect and fraud online transactions. Yet, I have successfully shopped online because the customer service is getting better with every day. If you are looking to buy precious jewellery, Caratlane is a good one. They have a huge number of options you can pick from. I bought a pendant set for my mom using there ‘try and buy’ service.

Where to shop online the fashion jewellery? If buying clothes from stores was such a problem for me, I knew how resistant I was about buying accessories. Once in a mall in Delhi, I really liked the Forever 21’s collection in necklaces and earrings. And I realized I needed to have some accessories after all. So when the necklace I bought broke, I looked up online. The Forever 21 website is non functional for some weird reason but Myntra had F21 too. However, I shuffle between Myntra and Pipa Bella for accessories.

My personal favourite is Pipa Bella because they have all contemporary accessories (what I usually wear). I had once ordered a Namrata Soni bag but it was defective. As a special gesture, they sent me a new bag with a small gift, a pair of earrings. And I keep going back to them.

I am getting married soon and I love shiny baubles. That’s when I came across PrertoI think they have absolutely fantastic hand crafted jewellery. I bought a beautiful hand harness for myself and I can’t get my eyes off it.

If you are looking for designer jewellery, do check out Pernia’s Pop-up ShopI think it is a great website for everything that’s designer, from clothing, bags and even shoes.


This was utmost necessity. I have spent a lot of time researching where can one buy good bags from. But thankfully, Myntra has some big brands you would love to shop from. They have Forever 21, Accessorize, Mango, Marks & Spencers, Furla, etc. Earlier, the packaging from Myntra was horrible. I would feel disheartened seeing my bag packed in such a bad way. However, now they have worked on that part so your bags safely reach you. There are some websites like Majorbrands which have international brands, but I would strongly suggest that before you purchase anything, call them first. Their customer service is not that good, apparently.

I found a really amazing website called Cord StudioThey have an elegant collection of bags, especially the barrel and the tote ones.


Of course, big malls here have brands such as L’oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Chambor, Max Factor, Inglot, etc. These would suffice until I figured out there was a world of makeup which wasn’t available here. With makeup, where to shop online was a real task because you not only want quality but credibility too. If you have read my blog on Kiehl’s serums, you would know how big a fan I am of this on brand. It was available nowhere as such, but on advance payment Kiehl’s would courier the products you want themselves. I had places a request for their lip balms and toner in 2014. Eventually, Nykaa rescued my makeup doom and gloom and had a large number of brands. It now has makeup from the usual brands you can find anywhere to Nyx, L.A. Girls, Kiehl’s, Forest Essentials, Beauty Blender and what not. Apart from Nykaa, I found a cool website called Think Frill. They have international brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Lorac, etc. Most of their products are on the original US price, but some might be a little more as they get it shipped from the US. I only wished they had Cash on delivery so it would be easier to buy a few things.

Another website called Look FantasticYou will find international brands here too such as Clinique and Stilla. Shipping is free when you shop for Rs. 6000 or more. With international brands like Morphe, Beauty Bay is one of my favourite websites too. It has more brands like Gerard Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Cover FX, High Definition, Sigma, Too Faced, etc. Nothing overtly priced. I am really looking forward to get a lot of things from here soon.

For makeup tools, I usually buy them from PAC cosmetics and Real Techniques (Amazon or Flipkart). I have my Morphe Brushes on the way, so that’s an addition.


Honestly, when it comes to clothes, I hardly buy anything online. I have been very skeptical about where to shop online the right size that really fits me. Two places I often shop from are AND and Global Desi. They have some great clothes and because I buy often from their stores, I know my size. Stalkbuylove is a website I swear by when I want cute, comfortable and sexy outfits. They pretty much have everything in a huge variety. And thankfully, they are noway size biased. So a big big super like and definitely highly recommended by Trendogue!

Trendogue Recommends

There are a lot of other websites where you can buy miscellaneous things!

Propshop24: Love their collection of sunglasses. They have a lot of other quirky stuff too.

Alicia SouzaShe can tell a story by just a little, adorable doodle.

KoovsEverything pretty much fashion. Great for shoes and accessories.

IndiacircusA lot of beautifully curated home, office and personal accessories.

ChumbakI love all the cute things they have especially their storage small trunks and the bobble heads.

BewakoofThey have real good mobile covers and now, real cool and comfy apparels too.

Happily UnmarriedLooking for funny and unique gifts or things for yourselves? A must check this out!

ScentraIf you are looking for comfort shoes that smell delicious, DO buy your pair from here.

Fizzy GobletI am in love with the shoes they have. Quirky, pretty and they also have shoes that will fit in with your traditional outfits.

I am sure I am missing a few websites. If you know any, do share it in the comments section below. Happy shopping!

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