Not a Pune-kar, yet in love.

They say your growing years are the ones that leave an impression in our minds and that’s true for me too. I was living in Pune for 4.5 years before I moved to Lucknow, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. So high-shooling kinda happened there. My first legit puppy-lovestory, major academic and co-curricular achievements, amazing friends, a lot of happening exploring, all was in Pune. That’s why the romanticism with the city. In last couple years, I made sure I visited the city multiple times. I also met some old friends whenever I could and other trips were just about me being in the city an having fun all alone.

I was there early this month, but this time as Mrs. with my Mr. The whole idea was to just hop around the best places, give husband a feeler of the crazy side of Pune and just chill.

Stay King Style with JW Marriott

We reached there on Friday afternoon and checked into the JW Marriott in Pune. The hotel was really kind to arrange an early check-in for us. It was a warm welcome and a real swift check-in. Since it was 4 years that we were celebrating as a couple, the hotel also sent us a lovely and scrumptious chocolate cake.

The JW Marriott, Pune

Our Room! (The bathroom was luxurious AF and we got a city view room!)

One of the lavish restaurants in the property called ‘Spice’.

 After freshening up and getting ready, the first place we checked into is one of my favourite bar cafe called Swig in Koregaon Park. I think I have been here for a total for 4 times (including this time) but for husband it was a first. You are likely to find great happy hours offers here pretty much every day. We sat there about an hour, ordered 4 rounds of beer and some food to bite in. When you’re in Pune, it will never be unbearably hot. We could easily sit outside since it was pretty breezy and cozy.

Next stop: Hardrock Cafe, Mundhwa (Koregaon Park Annexe)

We had planned to hop in and out of cafes that day, so out next pit stop was Hardrock Cafe. Now, no matter which Hardrock you visit, if you are someone who is connected to ‘real rock music’, this place is a nostalgic heaven for you. I just couldn’t take my eyes off certain things there like the Elvis Presley Gown. So, it was a walk-in without any cover charge and there was happy hours on just as we entered. I can rave about the amazing food I had there all my life! Besides we got ourselves some Jack Daniels on rocks which surprised the people there who served us. After that it was just the night of multiple rounds of amazing cocktails and beers, great food and a lot of dancing. If you’re not willing to sit inside, the cafe has a huge place outside too.

P.S. Even the servers dance like pro there!

Meanwhile just before leaving, I think I had lost the hotel key card too! *LOL*

Day 2: Some Shopping and some more hopping

After a night like that, we knew there was more. Fresh as a bunch of lilies, we quickly rolled out of our bed and grabbed some lunch at a place called Elephant & Co. in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. This restaurant bar has an outdoor as well as an indoor seating. By the looks of it, I think many prefer sitting outside that’s why there aren’t many tables inside. We sat inside and started with a couple Corona, Paneer Tikka Tacos and Sriracha Honey Glazed Chicken. I think both of them were a 10/10 as far as taste is concerned. We then got ourselves Teriyaki Cottage Cheese and Chicken bowl for both my husband and me. I think that one and a half hour we spent there were worth it.

After that we went to the Phoenix which pretty much has all big brand names there. We weren’t likely to shop much, all I needed was the Forever 21 therapy and a good source of Starbucks. We had to quickly head back to the hotel because we were to meet some friends in Balewadi High Street. (I wish I could share some travel fashion though, but it was all chill and no work).

When friends gather after a long time, the purpose in hand is to sit and catch up. So, we chose to be at Arthur’s Theme, with a European cuisine. The truth with food lovers is when your heart isn’t satisfied in what you eat even though your stomach is all full, you will never really like what you ate. And I think that’s what happened with us there too. Nonetheless, friend caught up, that made it up for all.

The Showstopper for the Night

We came back to the hotel and went straight up to the roof top lounge called Paasha in JW Marriott. OH MY GOD! That was one stunner and we could’ve just spent rest of the night there. With a full open bar, lounge seating and fancy ambiance, this is a perfect place to unwind from a long day. Yes, super pricey, but you must visit once for sure. We ordered ourselves some more beer and drinks and food that I absolutely fell in love with.

P.S. I think Pune overall has great food.

Somehow, that wasn’t enough too and since we had complimentary entries, we went to Miami, on the ground floor of JW Marriott. You need to climb down a couple flights of stairs and once you enter, it is another world altogether. People are dancing, close, with friends and it’s a Bollywood ball.

Tip #1: If you’re claustrophobic, you’re likely to die in there. So either find an airy space (which is unlikely) or just don’t go.

Tip #2: If you are planning to dance and you wear heels and go, it’s the worst idea ever. EVER! You will hurt yourself and some others too.

We finally then came back to our room and it was 3:30 am. We had to sleep.

Sunday and MG Road with another cool place.

We got ourselves a lavish breakfast in bed along side the F1 race my husband made me watch. Wasn’t bad though. It was MG road day today and we left in time. Never go to MG Road on a Sunday, most of the things are shut so pretty much makes no sense. So, we decided to hop to Hidden Place. Since the ‘Liquor ruling’ came in, apparently Hidden Place had no liquor to serve. We had to change our destination to another place that my husband wanted to go since day one, Effingut Brewkerz in Koregaon Park, Pune. People who love to try new things will never leave any place untouched. (No wonder we have no where to go in Ahmedabad now a days!) 

Effingut Brewkerz is a brewery which means we were in for a big time treat. I started with Crispy Corn, Paneer in Chilli Basil Sauce, Chicken in Plum Sauce and their brewed beers. (Can’t recall the names but they were awesome as hell!) I don’t regret a bit that we came here, because everything from the ambiance, music, food and the beer, everything happened to make us really happy.

The final day

We have been skipping and hopping places and it was crazy fun, especially for us this time as Mr. and Mrs. Pune is a lot more than this, it’s a lot of adventure too.

(Hopefully, next time I will have more pictures of what we did to share. Too lazy to do that when we are on leisure trips.)

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