Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil

I am in love with all products from Bobbi Brown. To begin with the new year, the first newest product I added to my vanity is the retouching pencil by Bobbi Brown. Since, I hadn’t done a review in a very long time, I thought let me share my experience of using this face pencil for about a week now.


To begin with, this Bobbi Brown product is available in 10 different shades. It can easily be used as a corrector, a concealer and a highlighter. The whole collection has one specific shade called ‘Illuminate’ which can be used as a highlighter. These face pencils are matte and they flawlessly lighten shadows, cover dark spots, and neutralize any redness.

My choice of pencil: Illuminate

I wanted to pick Illuminate first since it is suitable for all skin tones and also because I am in love with highlighters. You can use it for highlighting your cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes, or brow bones—all your high points. It naturally adds a beautiful glow to your complete face.

To use the pencil all you need to do is apply it on your desired area and simply pat away with your finger tip. If some days you wish to go with your ‘no makeup look’, just apply the right shade on your bare skin and you will notice the difference. I usually avoid using foundations (because of course the Indian weather). So since I have this pencil, I just dab some concealer to brighten my under eye, set it and then apply the face pencil. It is not only easy but I absolutely love the end result. Its creamy matte texture easily blends in without using a beauty blender or a makeup brush.

This retouching pencil by Bobbi Brown is for those who are always on the go and want to look their best. Travel friendly and super light, personally, I can’t do without it in my makeup kit now.

Have you used it yet? Want to know any thing more about how it works? Tell us in the comments and we would love to tell you more! Like it? Share it now!

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