The real problems of applying makeup in India

I have been using whatever little makeup for about a year now. Kajal was always in daily use, so I don’t really club it in makeup as such (giggling). Initially, it was  big trouble, I was never so fascinated with the whole idea anyway. Using products and so many of them was troublesome. And there was a lot that could go wrong. For instance, I never knew what really was the purpose of a concealer. The word is self-explanatory but it was difficult to measure how much was enough. I never knew that foundation was to be set, or for that matter what was my exact shade. Even though did buy a couple foundations, it only turned out to be either darker or lighter than my face and neck’s colour. I am a 5-minute ready to go kind of a person and getting ready with make-up on made me quite cranky too.

Eventual Realizations

My younger sister was definitely pro-makeup. So, she told me how there were several tutorials available to help a beginner with makeup application. I began watching a few, then a few more and realized most of these tutorials were international. I looked up some Indian bloggers and came across many tutorials for different occasions and different styles. If you watch a few of these videos, there is a significant difference of products or the way of applying makeup. The more you look into them, you will begin to see that it simply revolves around the texture of one’s skin and the kind of tools one uses. Going in-depth revealed something more, there are some major problems of applying makeup in India.

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The several problems of applying makeup in India and experiential fixes:

  1.  India is a tropical country, which means it is going to be warmer most of the year. No matter what we do, we are going to sweat at some or the other point. And hence, the foundation will melt! So always use a setting powder, place some on a puff or a powder brush, dust off the excess and run over your foundation. It sticks longer.
  2. The use of concealer is ambiguous. You can use it both for colour correcting (i.e. hide blemishes, acne, etc.) or highlighting. When I say highlighting, it means to brighten up a particular area of your face. As many bloggers suggest and so do I feel that our under-eye, center forehead, bridge of the nose and over the chin (right under your lip) need concealer. With me, under-eyes have always been a main concern, due to long hours working that results into dark circles.
  3.  Choosing the right concealer: It should always be two shade lighter than your actual skin tone. For beginners or otherwise, I feel cream concealers work better than powdered ones as they provide better coverage and consistency. However, if not set properly, it can get cakey in no time.
  4. Do not blindly buy make-up products. Never! What you see several bloggers using or the ones some of your make-up enthusiasts use may or may not work the desired results on your skin. So start small. In India, we don’t have an option of buying all kinds of international brands easily. However, some brands have great products like L’oreal Paris, Maybelline, Revlon, etc.
  5. Using Primers. Some say gel based are great and some suggest on wearing cream based. The actual function of primer is to hold the makeup you are going to wear. It helps in longetivity of the makeup and also ensure you skin has a great base. You can find eye and lip primers as well. I personally feel that if you are living in a city like Ahmedabad or Mumbai and equivalent hotter cities, use gel based primers. A thin layer will work wonders. Clean your face well, moisturize light and then apply the primer evenly spread all along your face. My personal favourite is the Colorbar Perfect Match Transparent Gel-based primer.
  6. Know what to buy. As a beginner, here are the must haves: A gel based primer, a light medium to full coverage foundation (I love Maybelline’s Fit me foundation and the Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion foundation), a concealer (all time favourite is Maybelline’s Fit me concealer), a setting powder which can also be used as a foundation compact (L’oreal Paris Mat Magique All-in-one Pressed Powder is definitely light and can often be replaced with foundations for a light look), a mascara, an eyeliner, a neutral tone eye shadow palette, Kajal pencil, a couple lipstick you like, a neutral tone lip gloss and a lip balm. If you think you need tools to get acquainted with its use, you could but the Colorbar basic brushes or brushes by QVS. I wouldn’t suggest that you buy Vega as they feel quite harsh on skin.
  7. Understand which brands work for you. For instance I love MAC, but using their foundation just didn’t work for me ever. My face would turn dry and terribly patchy. However, I have several MAC lipsticks and love them totally! Also, if you sometimes think that liquid foundations don’t always work but you still need to have a similar view, using stick foundations help.
  8. Lipsticks transfer easily. One of the critical problems of applying makeup in India. I had red lipstick on, and was about to eat a burger. As I take a bite, my lower lip would touch my chin and so the red colour transfers onto my chin. Yes, it is embarrassing and has happened with me a zillion times. The fix that worked for me is wearing matte lipsticks. Nyx Matte Lip Creams and Chambor Extreme Wear Transfer-proof Liquid Lipsticks are fantastic buys.
  9. Blush overload is a no no. If you are a fan of that instant pinkish glow, please ensure you don’t over do it. If you don’t know how to use one, click hereIf you are a beginner, a powder blush is best for you. Or get a lip stain, it works really well on your cheeks too. (The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain is great)
  10. Blend well. Not blending well means inconsistent makeup application. Your face will look uneven and that’s not a good sight. Most of us for starters use hands to apply makeup. Start from the center and then blend outwards. It helps in creating a smoother finish ensuring that if anything is extra, goes by the ends of your face.

Trendogue recommends

The problems of applying makeup in India can really diminish if you take care of the following little hacks:

  1. Keep tissues and earbuds hands.
  2. Have blotting papers always in your bag. Blotting papers help absorbing the excess oil on your face.
  3. Give your skin some breathing space. Avoid applying makeup everyday, or just use as minimal products as possible.
  4. If you have an oily nose, after applying primer, apply a little roll-on deodorant on the bridge of your nose. It’ll feel much less oilier.
  5. Drink a lot of water. No matter what makeup can do, but water gives you intrinsic freshness and glow.

I am sure these are just a few things that I must have pointed out. The problems of applying makeup in India for you could be different. Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below. If you love what you read, share with your friends and spread the love!

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