I got engaged early this year after weighing several pros and cons. About a 3.5 year of courtship and then a big decision- ‘Let’s get married’. That little ‘us’ celebration was the best I have ever lived till date yet, often I am in a major dilemma of whether it is right getting married early now. I am in my early twenties and there is a lot I desire to achieve. I love travelling and I know that travelling alone excites me the most. There is still some turbulence in my mind when I think about “Whoa, will I really have to live with someone for all my life?”. I have had relationships, that stuck around for a week to a couple years but getting married is one for a lifetime. Obviously, I have been more work oriented from the very beginning, which means paying less attention to running home errands, cooking, etc. There are responsibilities that I cannot neglect, which again being single is uncounted for.

Having bad experiences at relationships made me stronger and much independent than I ever was. So the idea of having someone around most days of my life makes me flinch too. Simultaneously, I’d always be worried about what if one thing leads to another and then finally towards the sad end, divorce? I would never, ever, want that. And when all of this is not enough, I have some close relatives and friends saying “Hey, wow congratulations! But you were the last person we’d ever think would get married so soon!”. Well as demotivating as it may sound but is getting married early in life really such a big problem?

I don’t think so.

These could be clear signs of cold feet. Or just fear of how things will turn out to be. The future tends to disturb us when we look at the scale of things we aim to achieve. But I have learned to live the moment. Despite all the things my mind runs through every day, I still know that when I meet my fiancĂ© I’ll be fine. We might have an age gap, but our individual interests converge to travelling, adventure, food, books, and movies. Even some of the particulars match too like we are quick shoppers, I hardly take 10-15 minutes to shop. And honestly, apart from my girlfriends, some of my boy-friends are far ahead in matters of shopping which gets on my nerves.

As a person he is, I know I am getting married to the man who happens to be my best friend too. There is an unmatched companionship we have. We often want to pull each others’ hair during arguments but things get cordial following soon enough.

Why I think it is great getting married early

  1. Apparently, I happen to be the youngest in the house, so once I am married two things happen. One, I will likely be pampered (what I missed being the eldest sibling in my family) and two, I will not be expected to be super-responsible at all times.
  2. I will never be alone, especially at times when I am surrounded by the moments of doom and gloom.
  3. There will always be something new to explore but together. Double the fun, better the memories.
  4. I think I am one of those fortunate ones who have great in-laws. For me, that’s a bigger support system.
  5. We can get a pet in a few months! YAY!
  6. Sharing and living moments together.
  7. Today most families are much modern and in sync with the current rush of time. So as we settle down, I know that nothing is at stake. I can still plan my career as I have in my mind. And as a bonus, the support through all this goes up by many times.
  8. There will be more reasons to dress up, always!
  9. For the travel bug we both have, once we get married, we do things on our own terms. Like suddenly, marriage gives you a bigger freedom! (LOL)
  10. I am with someone who understands my likes and dislikes, about my dreams and goals. So do I and those little things that we do every day to admire and back each other is what makes the whole idea of getting married so special.

Feel happy!

Maybe there are a lot of girls like me who keep wondering different things about getting married early. You might feel empathetic about most of what I have written about. Being a love marriage, I still think so much. I wonder what goes in minds of those who have arranged marriages? Maybe some excitement? Tell us about your opinion too in the comment section below. And to all to-be-brides getting married this year, wish you and your to-be-groom a very happy married life ahead!

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