Small Space Problems

The problem with designing a small space is that the designer needs to carve out the best of everything with very less space in hand. In most of the cases, you’re the designer, and your house happens to be either a studio apartment or just a room in a house that you share with someone.

Real designers or just people like you and I need to spend some time contemplating a lot of ideas and studying a lot of mistakes. Avoiding mistakes is the most important thing to ensure when working under constraints like lack of space. I used to live in a shared flat once and I have realized all the pros and cons of the space I had (more like cons).

Since I have been asked to rather write on this subject, here is a list of things you should do and avoid when living a small space.

Not being flexible with your furniture

A lot of us are too emotionally attached to our furniture, and this creates another list of problems. When you move to a smaller space, there is a need of redoing everything, and the best thing to do is get over with a lot of old bulky things. Furniture is a big task since a smaller room can’t possibly accommodate a queen size bed along with a three seater sofa. Do away with that mess! The idea is to make your room look fresh, de-cluttered and minimal.

Go pro with storage

Now, if you have a small room with just a single cupboard and nothing else, here’s what you do- Relax! There’s nothing to panic since there are too many storage units available in the market that will save you a lot of money too. I am sure you will have a study table or side tables in the room or even better, if you don’t, just stack them all up in your cupboard. I prefer buying plastic trays to store things like make up or all my skin care products. There are small cabinets available in plastic too that work real well too.

If you are some one like me who has too many shoes, there are two things you could do: one, store them all nicely under your bed in their boxes or find yourself some shoe organizers. There are several wardrobe organizers available online and in stores, all you need to do is go looking.

Storing your lingerie

I recently found some real nice lingerie organizers which make the whole task of maintaining them easier. Again, most of those are available online.

Bathroom storage


Get some trays and transparent pouches and hang them in your bathroom.

Hook your accessories

The best way is to add a lot of hooks in your room. Not every where but places like behind your door or an empty corner or right above your table is a good idea. I came across this amazing website called Pretty Please Me and absolutely fell in love with their organizers. I am sure they will have a solution for most of your storage problems. I have a lipstick stand, tray and makeup organizer from PPM!

I think there are several ways of stacking almost everything. Like if you are running out of storage for your clothes, get hangers and you can place clothes one on top of the other.

Want to know about anything specific? Write your queries in the comments section and I will answer with a trendy solution. Like it, share it now!

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