Drink-Drunk Alcohol Mess

We drink, or most of us definitely do. There’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of those ridiculous moments we have being super drunk. To begin with, I have not been spared of a similar situation either. At a friend’s birthday, I was ‘sick’ drunk to an extent that I broke that party pretty much. And to everyone’s surprise I was ‘gone in just 4 shots’. That’s highly unlikely of someone who has a capacity to boast for. Anyway, it turned out that the liquor was spurious and since there was Hookah, me and some other like me couldn’t take it.

My boyfriend-then-husband-today had to carefully drop me till the door of my house because I could neither see not walk straight. So yes, lesson learnt from this is that never mix hookah and liquor if you’re in a closed room. Doesn’t help those who aren’t used to it. And always check and bring liquor since spurious ones are everywhere.


Drink like a boss!

Excluding this one event, I have a very high tolerance for consuming alcohol. No, I don’t drink a lot or every day, but I never puke. Too much of anything is bad, but well we all find a way to drink alcohol and drink safe. So here’s how you can spare your friends from mopping all over the house and not feel sick for days:

Eat good

There are some fools, yes, fools who think if they eat before they drink, they will not be able to consume enough alcohol or maybe puke. Sorry, but you’re wrong and that’s the possible reason why you puke most of the times. Eating a good protein filled meal will prevent the liquor your consume enter your blood streams much slower than otherwise.

Drink by the hour

The golden rule is to give your liver the processing time it requires for every unit of alcohol that you consume which is about an hour. Keep it slow, you will be able to drink all night!

Water is the safe-word!

If you’re at a club or a friend’s party that involves a lot of dancing apart from drinking alcohol, you’re going to sweat and liquor already dehydrates you. Having a glass of water after every drink is going to dilute the hard drinks you take. You will pee a lot likely which is how it should be because trust me you will never have a hangover ever if you do this.

Mixing is okay, but bad.

Mixing alcohol is fairly good, like when we make measured cocktails. But the same night having a lot of beer, tequila, gin, vodka and scotch will cause you some serious trouble. Avoid that, because your body can only go through so much!

Skip the Alcohol if you’re tired

If you’re tired, the depressant liquor will only make it worse for you to really, really regret it!


Energy drink is a stimulant due to the caffeine while Alcohol is a clear depressant. These two opposite mixed together will make you happy for a bit but afterwards you will get drunker before you know it is way too late.

Listen to your head and not your friends

If your mind tells you to stop, STOP, do not listen to your friends and add to your misery. Know your limits!

Personally experienced: Having a glass full of ENO after you drink leaves absolutely no possibility of a hangover!

If someone is too drunk then:

  1. Help them drink concentrated lemon juice. Available in stores.
  2. Give them a lot of water to drink. And make sure they pee too! Be a nice human, help them there too if they can’t stand.
  3. Help them with some food. Light but make sure they eat.
  4. No more alcohol for the night.
  5. Keep their phones away. It causes the ‘ex’ problem.
  6. Next morning, help them with some more lemon juice.

So these are some basic, but the most enlightening truths of drinking alcohol and I urge you all you follow them. It has helped me escape all embarrassments and will 100% help you too.

If this seems like it could help you and your friends and families and theirs, share now! Janhit mei jaari!

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