I was sitting at a high-end bar in Delhi alone sipping my beer when I saw a man walk in, wearing a plain of worn-out slippers with a pair of ripped jeans and t-shirt. When I say high-end I mean a bar that serves the elites of the city. Honestly, when I was getting dressed to hit the bar, I kept wondering what to wear and what not to wear. There is just a very thin line between being overdressed and under-dressed. That man who walked in with his slippers on must have turned some heads with criticism and mockery. But who knows what he thought while he was getting dressed.

As long as you’re someone who is famous, you can just get away with wearing a tuxedo at Starbucks or a pair of shorts in a fancy party. But for us, the docile mortals, it is a challenge to never fall on the other edge of the thin line, contextually.

My Experiences

I have long work days, and I really believe in comfortable loose clothes. This one time, I had to go on a date and I had been in meetings since morning. Somehow I managed to reach home in time before my date could come pick me up. But he was already there. I was wearing an over-sized check shirt over a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans over sport shoes. I was least bothered on ‘what not to wear’ part but when we talk about it today, it’s hilarious. Would you ever date a person so casually dressed almost looking no-bothered about the date? I would wonder too!

But for us, the docile mortals, it is a challenge to never fall on the other edge of the thin line, contextually.


So ‘what not to wear’ really?

I keep thinking what’s really worse, being under or over? I mean overdressed represents being preen and way too enthusiastic but can often be ridiculous, actually most of the times. Like at movies, I never know what’s right to wear. It’s a casual event but there are a few kinds of going to the movies: with your friends, family and a date/respective partner. Mostly all days I am dressed casually but a few happen to be dressed in heels and dresses. Is that still overdress? I don’t know that yet. But if you’re someone who dresses up well, you will realize that how you act is synonymous with how you dress.

I am a big admirer of fashion and I try getting at least one-something from every latest fashion trend. Now, it is very important to understand that one can effortlessly dress up when they’re comfortably dressed in what they really like. So irrespective of what the occasion is, wearing what you like will help and make you less self conscious. If you are overdressed for going to a fast food restaurant, you can ease it up easily by just rolling up your sleeves and loosening a couple buttons and you’re good to go.

Problems of the underdressed

In a group of gown dresses and semi-formal brazers, walking in just a pair of jeans and a semi-formal top wear can be a problem. You suddenly realize a sudden defeat and inferiority. Of course, the gown couldn’t grow itself, but there is really a way to get rid of that embarrassment and look chic. Add a chunky neck piece to that boring top, fold your denim bottoms like a one inch sleeve twice, wear a pair of heels, subtle nude make-up, bold red lipstick and let your hair loose. You don’t only look unique but absolutely happening yet elegant. You might not have a designer wear, but you do have a sense of style!

The truth of what to wear and what not to wear

Conformity is definitely not an ethic when it comes to clothing and accessories. Dressing up is relative, circumstantial and a definite personal preference. Stick to what you like and modify with trends. If cold shoulder is in, doesn’t mean you should wear them even if you know that your bra won’t make this challenge. If three piece suits are meant to be work but you can’t wear the half jacket, chuck that and add a lovely bow or a tie and a pocket square.

Trendogue Recommends

  1. Stay confident in all times. If you feel confused ask a close friend (having some understanding about fashion) who will help you accessorize your clothes better.
  2. Wear heels to ‘dressy events’ or special occasions. It accentuates height giving you a better posture. Carry a spare with you too that you can keep in your car. Once the event is over, change into them.
  3. For men and boys: Invest in a good pair of loafers and a pair of leather brogues. Floaters and slippers are much into past now. Keep them for home wear, beaches and running quick errands around your place.
  4. Smell good, the ‘what not to wear’ definitely includes not wearing a bad scent. Everyone irrespective of their gender must invest in a good cologne.
  5. Ladies, get scarves. They are an addition to boring clothing making you look smooth.
  6. Never follow blindly. If you like someone’s style of clothing, talk to them. Don’t buy just anything and regret later.
  7. Men must get subtle coloured plain shirts. They are versatile. You can wear them with blazers or just as it is with a pair of trousers/denims or beach shorts. Stay away from leather pants, it’ll probably kill you!
  8. Golden Rule: Always keep it minimal, whether you wear traditional, casual or formal. A lot of something can look bad too.
  9. Keep that smile on. It adds half to your glow!

We would love to know what’s your take on ‘what not to wear’ or the whole debate about overdressed vs. underdressed. Comment below and let’s talk!

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