I still remember I had my first burger when I was 6 year old, in Delhi and of course, at McDonald’s. I used to love it but then eventually we all grow up, taste various other kinds of food and have preferences. Burgers are popular. It is a quick snack, easier to make and much faster to buy! We still order them home whenever hunger strikes refusing to wait for more that 20-25 minutes.

From the very basic that I started with, due to travelling more often and staying in more than just one city, helped me explore and by that I mean food. Once my friend insisted that we went to this one place in Delhi called ‘Smokeys’ and urged on trying the ‘Bacon and Lamb’. I neither a fan of bacon nor lamb, but I know one thing, I will always, ALWAYS go back and eat one! Maybe one reason that always drives me towards Delhi often is food, in particular everything that’s non-vegetarian. Hungry Monkey Delhi has a delectable eye rolling slider burgers which are not just great but are also served with shots of beer. Now how awesome is that?

My burger status: Current times

I don’t live in or around Delhi anymore, I live in Ahmedabad. During the early days, the thought of no-great-Delhi-kind-food would pinch my soul and haunt me all the time. I never had a great appetite, and only ate very few selected things. However, I would like to admit that staying here now for 3.5 years, this city had converted me into an absolute food junkie. I mean, I really feel so happy when the steward is bringing us food finally.

I have been to and conquered all happening places in this city. From small street-food vendors to 4/5 star restaurants, about 90% of the city’s total restaurants. But great burgers, sigh, disappointment. I would try most places thinking ‘maybe this one’ but sadly none. We all have our ways of liking a burger I guess just how someone would like their coffee to be.

So here’s how I like my burger:

  1. Less vegetarian.
  2. A very well grilled/roasted, maybe a little smokey and tender (I loathe dry patty) kind of a chicken patty. (I don’t prefer lamb here due to my loyalty).
  3. Just a little bit of seasoning.
  4. Loads of sauces (mayo/mustard/mint mayo/bbq sauce/any).
  5. Fresh but soft buns with a little grill on the lower one.
  6. The right balance of sweet and sour.
Schnitzel burger, perfection at The Mad House Cafe

Ahmedabad’s Gift

I am sure many other burger lovers might have other specifications but even with these few of mine, it was hard to spot that one ideal burger place here. But then, one fine day, we found this new place to go, which had been on our list forever called ‘The Mad House Cafe’. I had heard this is a great place for breakfast and that was the intention. I saw Grilled Chicken burger on the menu so ordered that too. With the whole breakfast thing, I was already full, but I had presumed the burger might not be all that good so I could just taste and leave it.┬áBut then the burger arrived and oh my god! Finally! This was it. I had found a place that did justice to my-kind-of-burger.

That was a yummy accomplishment which drew me back to the cafe again recently and I tried their other variant called ‘Schnitzel Burger’. Wow! The city feels complete suddenly *love*!

The massively gorgeous, tender and juicy scrumptious adornment is meant to be eaten with your eyes closed thinking about its everlasting aftertaste on your palate. So whenever you think of eating a burger, if that makes you feel this way, it’s unadulterated love my friend.

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