Fashion and Fads

I have been under the weather and believe me it feels bad to sleep all day in the bed, helplessly. Also, I am writing almost after a month because of continuous project and a lot of travelling. Entering into July like a boss because half of the year is over and oh *MY BIRTHDAY MONTH* (nothing so exciting though!)

Through these days I have been wondering a lot about fashion trends (and some makeup too, but we will get onto it in another post). We all know since it is so obvious that fashion always repeats itself. To begin with there are three things with fashion: Fads, trends and classics. Let me give you some insight on what’s the actual difference.

Fad is something that’s short lived. Fads are usually novelty driven, thing’s that pick up among a larger crowd but suddenly vanishes due to loss of interest, of course. Personally, I feel everything that’s got to do with ‘fidget spinners’ is nothing more than a fad.

Trend on the other hand is there to stay for a little longer. The lifespan can be years altogether. Selfie sticks is a crazy trend, which is taking a lot of lives too. Oops! Or lets say stripes is a trend which is recurring. Pastels is another trend that the fashion world is going crazy about. And have you been spotting a lot of sneakers coming into your closets? You’re wearing it with everything, even dresses!

Classics, as the word is, are pieces or valuables which are timeless. They are just impossible to miss and not have. Classics usually costs higher on your pockets like a watch by Rolex or a beautiful Benarasi Sari. I have one, and trust me, I can wear it for 3-5 decades at least. A ‘classic trend’ that has always stayed is prints . It just keeps coming in different ways and forms. And it is everywhere.

Shopping and Fashion

So, when you go out to shop, how do you pick things? Today is an era of influencer marketing. If you really observe, there are a lot of influencers globally that brands approach. Of course, in a time when Snapchat and Instagram are at an all time popular among youth, these are the platforms you will be able to spot these influencers the most. They are bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers).

Do they influence your shopping decision? Yes! Big time! Well, honestly I have bought some things because I must have seen it with one of these famous bloggers.

But, does it really happen to work the way it is promoted? Some times yes. Mostly, no. Truth is, they are paid to promote or given PR material. For example, Bobbi Brown recently launched their ‘Squeeze lipsticks’ in India and I saw a lot of these bloggers invited to try these products at their event. So, out of curiosity, I went ahead trying one first at Sephora. And honestly, it sucked big time. The applicator doesn’t work for me and for Rs. 2600, the packaging is a big time low for me too. Yet, a lot many people must have bought it and reviewed it. As the hype came in, it vanished quickly too.

What I believe?


I honestly wasn’t much about fads. I mean some things like halter necks which went really popular a couple years back was a big turn off for me. Everyone was doing it and it took no time for tat fad to disappear. Fashion is about comfort and it is simply about how you like things. I am more about investing in classics. I buy something even if it is expensive with a clear thought of using it a often as I can. A beautiful croc-finish bag by Ralph Lauren or a pair of heels from Jimmy Choo are things which will probably be with you for years together. Since I love buying bags, I prefer not buying cheaper ones. I also love buying toted because of its functionality and honestly, they go with everything.

Will I invest in colours that are bizarre? That’s crazy and not pragmatic. Colours like Tan, Black and Burgundy work with everything and will never, ever go out of style. After all there’s a reason why black an whites are pure classics.

Final word.

Trends will keep coming and going. If you’re not the kind that loves showing off, stick with classics. In the long run, they prove to be priceless.

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