The Gray word called ‘Lingerie’

Lingerie is one word which some understand, some don’t and some are oblivious about. Also, I think there are only handful cities in this country where you really find good lingerie. If some of you girls like me have tried asking their moms about lingerie wear, I am sure you got that weird look at first so you never try and ask again. But since my Mom is just occasionally too cool, she gave me some basic understanding.

When do you really begin wearing lingerie?

So I just got married, and among all my shopping was a bridal lingerie too. Apparently, the month of December is when maximum weddings happen across the country. I was at one of these showrooms and there were a lot of other women (probably getting married soon) buying lingerie too. Just as there was some room around, I asked one of the counter sales woman, “How frequently have you been selling lingerie now a days?”. I didn’t have to say anything else, she gave me all details from how much a single woman purchases to what kinds just before the wedding.

What a lingerie really is?

Lingerie is undergarment but the reverse might not be the same. It is not about comfort either but it makes you feel good about yourself. It makes me feel sad when I see women buying lingerie only just before their wedding. Wearing beautiful pieces of lingerie just to please your better half is a story of the old gone days. The modern woman today loves wearing fancy lingerie as regularly as they can (because good lingerie is still quite pricey). There are several kinds of lingerie available in the market for every body type. But first it is important to understand how to pick one. For all of us the definition of ‘Sexy’ could be different. That makes it even more important to pick the right lingerie.

Pick the right lingerie: Tips to never over look

  1. You have a sister size: This means that let’s say your usual bra size with maybe a cotton bra is 34C. Now, when you go buying a padded underwire bra, the possibility is that you may fit in a 36B. If you try a lacy bra, it could even be 36C. That’s your sister size.
  2. Try a lot of options: To pick the right lingerie, you need to try as many options and maybe even styles if you can. Here are the possible occasions you could be buying your lingerie for: Your wedding, a date, honeymoon, office wear or just regular wear.
  3. What you love: There are always a few things we love about out bodies. and no, you do not need your respective partner’s approval on what looks great. However, they might love your butt, or your bust, which gives you an opportunity to buy lingerie accordingly.
  4. Choose right: If the bra strap is falling off, the back is rolling up, your bust is popping out of your bra making your feel uncomfortable, your bra strap hurts or your feel that the back support is bulging your skin out, you need the right size. To find your right size, get your measurements every 6 months and try a couple cup sizes accordingly. Wearing the wrong size for a long time cause damage to your breast tissues. If you have smaller breasts, bralettes, demis and pushups work wonder. If you have medium breasts, try a balconette bra or demis. And if you have heavier breasts, full cup, plunge bras are what you need.
  5. Know your body type: This is equally important because what suits on an athletic body may not necessarily work with an hourglass body.


There are several kinds you can pick the right lingerie from such as camisoles, gorgeous matching sets, sexy garter belts, bustiers for the date evening, corsets to give you a shaped waist, night gowns and my favourite from Victoria Secret collection, the negligees.

Place you can pick the right lingerie from

Now I have had my share of difficulty, but there are some stores you will find some real amazing lingerie:

Marks and Spencers stores

Forever 21


La Senza, in Mumbai

Jabong has some good collection too!

Pretty secrets

Other brands like Amante and Triumph have some good collection too, do check them out for their variety of collection.

If you have had any troubles with picking out the right lingerie, write to us in the comments section below and we will help you through! And if you find this helpful, do share!

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