Meeting Foreo Luna mini

Ever since I have been a skincare freak, everything that I discover about making my skin better makes sense. By that I don’t mean I use anything and everything, that way, I am really particular. But trying new things to know if they can be replaced for better never does much harm. Last week, I had visited a friend of mine who lives in Delhi. She is this big crazy makeup lover who knows everything that’s going around in the makeup world. Nonetheless, just while talking more, she told me about this new skincare product that she recently bought called the Foreo Luna mini. I had a tough time first understanding why it looked the way it did. Then she just laid it ll down to me in simple details.

How it works?


Are you aware how our skin glows? Well a lot of factors like good diet, working out well and intrinsic happiness works but apart from all this, it is about blood circulation. There is early ageing and wrinkles because of less blood circulation as well as the climatic harm. That’s where Foreo Luna mini comes in handy and saves you from early ageing by improving the quality of your skin.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Applied some cleanser on my face and neck, but did not massage or rub it further.
  2. Switched the Foreo Luna mini on and started with my cheek bones area moving it further towards the temple.
  3. Went on in circular motions for about a minute.
  4. Washed my face.
  5. Did this for a week, twice a day.

And it worked like a miracle. Not only did I get rid of the blemish causing impurities on my face, but there were some marks right at the corner of my jaw line, that lightened down too.

The science behind.

The smooth silicone nubs on this Foreo skincare device is where the magic lies. It is super gentle, does the deep cleansing, lifts your skin up and with its T-sonic pulsations, your skin begins to feel better. This ergonomically designed skincare tool will easily cover all your face (except eyes of course) hassle-free. My friend was nice enough to lend me this wonderful product for a week and now that it’s time to return it, I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Them?! Yes, there is an eye-massager by Foreo called ‘Iris’. To use the Iris, all you need to do is put little eye cream under your eye and then massage under your eye and on your brows. It’s heavenly if you want to get rid of those always tired eyes or the unwanted cruel dark circles.

Final words of wisdom

BUY IT! I couldn’t find Foreo Luna mini in Delhi, and my friend got it from Australia. But I guess this palm sized device is now available in Sephora India stores and retails for about Rs. 6000 (around $99). I am soon on my way to Mumbai and hoping to get it home this time. Can’t wait to say ‘Hi’ to awesome skin forever!

P.S. There’s one for Men too! So spread the word now!

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