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Some of us love being on long trips and the longest that I have been on is about 3.5 weeks or so. Eating healthy meals can be a challenge when the idea is to explore every nook and corner of a place while eating all its best meals at once. I had my first lesson on eating healthy meals while travelling long was when we took a road trip to Manali. There is this constant feeling of being full and bloated and since Manali is cold, I only kept feeling worse.

Of course, in no way did I quit on eating anything new but definitely had to resort to medicines. But eventually once you’re back home you feel extremely drained and quite unwell. This is because your body was not able to breathe. Finally enlightened on how to keep yourself fresh every day when you’re travelling and I would love to share these eating healthy tricks with you.

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Get a big salad

Let’s say you’re travelling to a place just for food. There will be street food, random snacking and meals and you will want to have it all. Get a salad with every meal. Why? Because salad has lot of fibres and coupling this with all your meals will make the difference. Fibres in your salad keep your calories and consumption in check, ensuring all your food gets digested easily. Hence, you are less likely to feel bloated.

Drink water as well as drinks which have electrolytes

This is one of the best ways of eating healthy i.e. having electrolytes in your drink a few times in a day. Not only are you hydrated, but you are never at a loss of energy. The best source of electrolytes is salt which paired with lemon or orange is a great combination. You may also have coconut water which is a fantastic drink even for weight loss.

These two are the major things that will help you get through your travelling days and not have any bloating woes. Facing any issues on eating healthy on your travel days? Write it in the comments and let us see how we can help you.

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