Bridal makeup essentials to save your back!

If you are a tom boy, I can completely relate with you. While I was dating, it was hard to not wear my check shirts, jeans and sneakers and walk out of the house. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) always thought I could do much more with my wardrobe. Throw in a few dresses and heels here and there would be pleasant. While I agree his idea was not to transform me from who I was, I finally thought to give it a try. This eventually helped since we were now getting married but I was still pretty much lost on the whole bridal makeup essentials. The last two years have been quite learning because there are just so many more things a woman does once she is a bride. I don’t mean like a whole set of responsibility shift, but a lot of weddings and events that come along your way. And honestly, I’d not like you make any blunders like I did with my makeup.

Let me take you through some real bridal makeup essentials that will make your vanity
blunder-proof in every way.


10+ bridal makeup essentials for you


Having primers in any form is going to save you from your foundation falling off or
separating in a mess. I personally feel if you plan to have just one primer, have a primer
that’s in a spray form, it saves time. And always remember, for summers gel based primers
only and for winters a cream based primer will prevent drying your skin.

Red, Nude, Pink and Dark lipsticks

I’ll be honest, lipsticks are a necessity and you will never have enough of them. You don’t
have to really be a makeup hoarder, but in your makeup bridal essentials you must have a
bright red colour no matter what. Whether you are fair or dusky, red suits everyone. And if
you think it doesn’t suit you, please meet me and I’ll make you believe. Some other shades
that I highly recommend are Pinks (magenta to mauve to rose, just whatever suits you in
preference), a nude shade of your choice (will share some shades which are definitely
versatile) and deeper, darker shades (you can always play around with your nudes and pinks when you have darker lip shades).


Blotting paper

At one of the family weddings this year, I wore makeup for straight 10.5 hours. I had no fall outs or disappointments, except when you’re at a wedding, you run around and you sweat. Blotting paper will keep that oil produce from the sweat off your face and your face
wouldn’t shine like a disco ball. This sure as hell is one of the bridal makeup essentials.

Matte foundation, concealer and correctors

Matte foundations are versatile and usually stick to your face like a pro. You have to make
sure that you prep your skin well. Matte foundations when used a good one will not dry out
your face. If you have dry skin, mix your foundation with just two drops of an essential oil
and you’re sorted! Concealers can conceal and brighten, both. You need to always dab in some concealer and set with a powder and you’re good to go without a foundation too.
Correctors in shade orange can help conceal blemishes, spots and pigmentation.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter

Of course, we all know these are face defining products and a must for your bridal makeup
essentials. If you do not want to buy blush, bronzer and highlighter separately, there h=are
several palettes available in the market to suit your need. Try sticking to a matte blush as
well as matte bronzer at all times because they can always be used. Shimmery ones aren’t
very elegant at all times.


Waterproof liner, kohl and mascara

There will be tears and heat, you cannot escape these two which calls for your star bridal
makeup essentials- waterproof eye products. I highly recommend gel liners because they
give a matte feel and also look great. You can either pick a waterproof kohl or kajal or use
your gel liner for lining the lower line of your eyes. Mascara comes in different brush styles.
Go for the ones which give more volume to your eyelashes.

A good hair spray or dry shampoo

If you love styling your hair often, you need a good textured hair spray. It gives your hair
that oomph you desire. But for all those who may not style their hair regularly (or even if
you are in the first team) get a dry shampoo. It saves you for days you are having a bad hair day and need a wash. Definitely one of the necessary bridal makeup essentials.

Face mist

There are no better instant hydration products than face mists even when you have makeup on. Your face can feel tired from hours of wearing makeup. Having a face mist handy will keep your face and makeup fresh in intervals.


Both wet and dry to fix all kinds of issues if any occur on your face or with someone else.

Makeup brushes and Sponges

A few eye brushes, one contouring brush, one blush brush, one stippling brush and one
powder brush. If you don’t want to carry so many brushes for face out of your house, just
have a good makeup sponge and all these purposes will be all-in-one.

Read more: Makeup brushes guide: What to buy and how much

Eye shadow palette

At this very moment I have 4 or 5 eye shadow palettes but in your bridal makeup essentials
you only need one. For days when you would want to keep it toned down, a palette with
nude and rosy shades is perfect. And when you like some drama, look for a palette which
might also include a deep red, black and deep brown eye shadows. For shimmer, gold
always works.

Make sure you’ve told your best friend to be around with these bridal makeup essentials
especially if you’re about to get married soon. You never know what you might need! (This list is also a bridesmaid saviour.)

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