A road trip and ‘where to eat in Manali’

Have you been wondering where to eat in Manali? Wait for it…

Took a while to tell you all about this, but the experience has been absolutely overwhelming. My family is adventurous and so we decided to pick 10 days of October 2017, and drive right up to the pristine thicket of Manali, Himachal Pradesh.  We picked the right month when it is not hot at all nor freezing cold. Our humble abode for a week was the Club Mahindra White Meadows with absolutely breathtaking views. Manali gets a major foot fall of families as well as young folks and couples making it the ‘hippie of the Northern India’. For those who love to trek, Manali is just the right place to be in since some of the locations, ‘untouched beauty’ is right around its periphery. If you have an idea for an ideal vacation in a cold town, Manali is the perfect blend of the beas river and snow-capped mountains all around it.


Amazing view right outside our window. ©Trendogue


As the sunsets, the sky creates some spectacular drama. ©Trendogue


Coundn’t get enough of these. ©Trendogue


Little references in Lahaul-Spiti. ©Trendogue

A few places that we definitely chose to visit were the iconic Hidimba Temple, Vashisht Temple, Naggar Castle, Jana Falls and Old Manali. With several bollywood movies being shot in Manali, it is a perfect balance of spirituality and peace. After you go around exploring Manali, food is a necessity. And we were really wanting for some good food. Out of all the places we visited, I have put together 5 best place where to eat in Manali.

Chopsticks, Old Manali

One of the best places where to eat in Manali is Chopsticks if you have been looking for some really good vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Thupka. The restaurant is right in the heart of the Mall road in Old Manali, and it will not be hard to spot it. Congested tables in a petite restaurant but absolutely hearty Indian Chinese food.



Best ‘thupka’.

Johnson’s Bar, Old Manali, on the way to Hidimba Temple

We are a family that loves to invest in all kinds of good dining options. So, I quickly googled what could be a good option for a fine dine evening and we landed in Johnson’s bar. I loved how the interiors were done with a fire place in place, because duh it’s Manali! Caught the bar in action and we ordered a few of their signature cocktails to start with.


Wine corks on the ceiling. Fancy!



Hard to miss this roasted chicken!


You always need some complimenting starters with your drinks

Cafe 1947, Near Vashisht temple

I will say this is my personal favourite and I will highly recommend Cafe 1947 if you plan to choose one of the place where to eat in Manali. Ideally located by the flowing beas river, we sat outside to experience the flowing river’s sound. Grab a couple scotch, rum or beer if it’s too hot and you will just blend into the vibe of this lovely cafe. (Hookah is available too!) Definitely recommend this cafe for your North Indian appetite.


The Copper House, Mall Road, Old Manali

Taking a stroll down the Mall Road, it was time for lunch and we really weren’t looking to go far-fetched scouting. Asking a little around, we were lead to The Copper House. Climb up into the restaurant and find your coziest corner. They had some selected beers and to bite in we got our starters. The quantity of the food was good enough for 4.


Fat Plate, Shuru, Manali

Tucking in food in this cafe is all about the ambiance is pure serenity. We would regularly go to this cafe for breakfasts and thankfully we would be the only ones that early. Love the hand beaten coffee, the fluffy eggs and the chicken sandwiches. Missed beer for breakfast because well, they don’t serve any liquor!


Fluffy proteins with a side of happiness at Fat Plate, Manali


Coffee, with a colourful view. 

Hope you find the food for your soul while you’re wandering in the streets of Manali!

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