Winter wear guide so you never run out of essentials!

The moment winters arrive, in fact September onwards, I consciously try and start feeling the cool breeze in the air. Even though Ahmedabad doesn’t get too cold like the northern part of the country, but this time I can feel it’s kinda cold. I love winters and I am sure a lot of you guys love it too. Somehow as the fashion trends go by, the colours worn during winters are more darker and duller. However, there are several ways one can add quite a lot of colour without making it a springy winter! (Well, do it if you like it though)


Super Winter Wear essentials

Without further blabbering, let’s begin with this list.

Clothing essentials

1. A leather jacket

One reason I love leather jacket is because they are versatile. You can wear them with a dress and also with formals if you don’t have to wear it all along. I have one in black which I usually wear in the nights.

2. A sweater

Now it can be a cardigan which isn’t too thick to wear or a sweater which your grandma has knitted for you. I prefer a cardigan here but yes in Delhi you will need a sweater.

3. A formal blazer

I once had to rush for this conference to Kanpur, UP and I still remember what a fool I was to not carry a blazer with me. I must have frozen to frost bites in December there. Also, having a formal black blazer keeps you covered for years.

4. A trench coat

A trench coat is lightweight yet waterproof, structured yet comfortable, and a classic statement in any neutral color. If you are a super lover of winters and of course living up north, having this is classy and a must.

5. A silk scarf

I love scarves and silk feels nice to your neck keeping you pretty warm too.

6. A turtle neck

This is one of the most coziest winter wear options especially when you’re travelling. It is quite still in fashion for decades altogether. I still wear the one my dad used to wear during his college days.

7. Boots

I don’t mean the knee high boots because honestly, it is absolutely impossible to wear them in India. However, if you’re not in India and reading this, I envy you big time! I love knee high boots and it wrecks my heart thinking I just can’t wear them here. But thankfully brands like H&M and Forever 21 have boots which are ankle length and both available in low as well as high heels. Check them out today at your nearest stores!

Makeup essentials

I am someone who mostly loves keeping it bare and natural. Keeping your makeup nude at all times is what I feel best compliments the winter wear. Here are a few must haves in your makeup kit this winters!

8. Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Lipstick- Vengeful Red

Whoever says that a red lipstick is only for a few skin tones, they are wrong. This is one of my favourite lipsticks by Estee Lauder and I can almost wear it every day.

9. Maybelline New York Face Studio Contouring Stick

Ace that makeup look with this Maybelline’s latest launch, a contouring stick with a highlighter at one side and the contour on the other. I think it is a real cool product because it is easier to use and also travel friendly.

10. Chambor Rosetta Trinity All Over Face Powder

I think if you want that instant glow whether you’re heading out for a day or a night event, you are sorted with this amazing Chambor Trinity powder. Has three colours which you can pretty much mix or use individually and your face will instantly brighten up.

11. Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup

Find your right shade and buy this foundation as soon as you get a chance because this one is a winter makeup saviour in every way. I have used it in day weddings, evening functions and the look is always flawless and never cakey.

12. Benetint by Benefit

Winters can make your skin feel a little more cold and you might lose some blush. Benetint is a product I was introduced by one of the bloggers and I swear by it now. It works as both a lip and cheek tint. Apply a little on your cheek and you will have a natural blush.

13. Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

Those who have used it will understand why I am recommending this big time. This mascara isn’t often available in India, but is you are someone who loves enhanced eye makeup, all you need is this one mascara and you’re sorted!


14. A pair of heels

When you’re covered from top to toe, accessorizing will make you look at your best. Nothing can beat a pair of beautiful heels. I usually prefer wearing pumps on a regular basis.

15. A classy duffel bag

Dump all your stuff in and always be ready to go!

16. A pair of sunglasses and a chic clutch/wallet

It is always a winner to have these two by your side.

There are several other things that you can have as a part of your winter wear essentials but I feel these are my personal picks of best winter collection.

Trendogue Recommends

  1. Even if it is winters, never forget using the SPF. You need it as much as you need it in summers.
  2. Moisturize and deep clean. Never let your skin run dry.
  3. Bathe with warm water and not very hot water.
  4. Give your feet a little spa once in a while so they remain soft and supple.
  5. Drink a lot of water.

What is different about your winter wear? Tell us in he comments section below!

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