Having a brick wall

Bricks, you always thought, were for the exteriors. You never really imagined a brick wall inside the house, leave alone in your living room. When I say brick walls, I mean an exposed wall of bricks and not bricks cemented and painted over, which is, of course, pretty normal. The new age interiors have, however, changed all that. Today, a properly made brick wall inside the house are ending up grabbing the attention of house owners around the world.

So what is it about a brick wall that is so enchanting? Is it really a good idea to have brick walls in the living room, up for one and all to see? Or would that leave the visitors and guests baffled with disdain?


Set all your doubts aside and go in for a brick wall to give your living room that old-world charm which you have always loved but had believed to be a thing of the past. With its exceptional texture, a brick wall lends a unique look to the room. It gives the house a sense of rich history and legacy, which never fails to excite.

The feeling of agelessness that one gets when sitting with the face to a brick wall cannot be explained in mere words. It’s an emotional experience that defies description. If you want your house to have a personality that is distinctive and exotic, a beautiful brick wall is just the thing for you.

Enhance your interiors

The best thing about an exposed brick wall in the living room is the huge variety of shades and forms it comes in. The range of styles is equally impressive and you are sure to find one to suit your taste and personality. From the typical industrial, run-of-the-mill look to a contemporary style that blends with the modern day interiors, there are designs galore to appeal to your senses.


While the traditional, industrial style is the more functional kind, modern designs look more aesthetic and appealing. Match up the brick wall to large windows with solid and dark colored metallic frames to create the real industrial ambiance in your living room. For the more experimental, the designer brick wall is more suitable, with heavy wooden furniture to create the perfect aura.

The right one

So how does one go about ensuring that the brick effect is not an overwhelming one? You simply need to give it a contextual backdrop through different kinds of other walls. Brick walls, for instance, can look really good if the other walls in the living room are painted white or some neutral shade like gray. For those whole love the bold look, black is another great option.

Mind you, a brick wall needs to be balanced with the interiors of the room to give it an elegant and classy look. Keep the room uncluttered and the décor simple, if you want the brick wall to stand out.

Another advantage of having brick walls is that it provides a perfect backdrop to showcase any art or artifact collection. Try putting your family photographs against a brick wall to give them a sense of vibrancy and dynamism. With the right kind of lighting, the effect will be one of amazing creativity.

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