The Hunt for restaurants in Ahmedabad

Over the last 5.5 years, if someone asks me how have I really understood the city of Ahmedabad, I’d say it is clearly through food. I would detest coming to the city thinking oh there is no non-vegetarian food of any sort. But it is always better to not presume and get surprised instead. Yes, the options might have been scarce in the beginning but now it is quite a lot. I along with my fiance, we have hunted down at least 80% of the best and worst restaurants in Ahmedabad and honestly, nothing is more satisfying. From the smallest to the biggest, we are regular at more than 10 places in the city for sure. I was never so fond of eating or exploring food until I met a food enthusiast who was nothing less than a connoisseur, my fiance. And today I have been a brat enough to always wanting to go to a new restaurant often.

My favourite restaurants in Ahmedabad

So I am going to list down the restaurants I have fallen in love with overtime because of a few really amazing things they serve, or maybe just everything!

Kesar- Vastrapur

Owned and maintained by a Punjabi family, this is a small restaurant with both AC and Non-AC seating. When you go there you will wonder what really should you go to this restaurant for. But never judge a book by its cover. This place serves the best Cheese Butter Masala ever along with absolutely amazing Tandoori rotis. I love it here and I can have two meals a day there. (guilty-calorie-sins)

The Blue Oven- Vastrapur

How do you feel when you see a Pizza? I detest all these american pizza chains ever since Blue Oven came up in the city. There were a couple months when we would go every week or sometimes even twice a week. When I realized I have been putting up a lot of calories, we have ever since been in a long distance relationship. We choose our own bases and toppings. They have hearty non vegetarian options. And I am proudly boasting about how amazing their ginger ale is. It’s just my favourite resort to Pizza any time of the day!

Timpani by Radisson Blu- Ambawadi

This is a fine dine restaurant where I have had a few lunches and many dinners. Every time a different menu, but the same amazing unforgettable taste and hospitality. The decor is pretty and they have really good desserts too!

Tinello and China House by Hyatt Regency- Ashram Road

Are you someone who loves authentic Italian? If you do, this is the best to go at. It was disheartening to see how some people couldn’t decipher the cooking patterns and would call food under-cooked or overcooked. Now guys every cuisine has its own patterns of cooking and different tastes. You can’t order chinese at a restaurant like China House in Hyatt Regency and expect it to taste like Indian version of chinese. That’ll be injustice to the cuisine. So when you go to Tinello or China House, expect authentic preparations and trust me you will not be disappointed by even a bit.

Sandwichworkz- IIM Road

You want to eat omlettes, kathi rolls, good sandwiches or waffles at any time of the day, Sandwichworkz is the place to be at. I have recommended it to a lot of people and I am myself a regular there. It should count as my all time favourite.

Java by Courtyard by Marriott- Ramdevnagar

This is one cafe which is always occupied by people, like literally always. We hangout with friends and family and have their coffee if nothing. Everything on their menu is great and I specially am fond of the Chicken Cheese sandwich there.

The Mad House Cafe, Gulbai Tekra

I have already talked about this restaurant and how much I love it.

Green House, The House of MG- Lal Darwaja

The place is right in the Haveli and the big mist fans will make it delightful to sit in this open rustic cafe. Despite the hustle-bustle of this over crowded locality, you still feel peaceful sitting in the Green House Cafe. Try their gujarati delicacies from their menu for sure.

Upper Crust, Vijay Crossroads

You want sizzlers and especially good non vegetarian sizzlers, Upper Crust is one restaurant in Ahmedabad that will never disappoint. Almost every time we have been to Upper Crust, we were out with a satisfied full heart of food!

@Mango, Sindhu Bhavan Road

A multi-cuisine restaurant, ever since it started until today, it is still a task to get through the waiting and get yourself a table @Mango. So the ideal time to visit @Mango is 7pm. This is another favourite in my list of restaurants in Ahmedabad with the kind of vegetarian preparations they have to offer. My dad hardly likes a restaurant, but every time @Mango comes up, he’s like ‘Let’s Go’!

Now these are some restaurants I really love going regularly. A few more restaurants in Ahmedabad that give really good food and experience are:

  • Rajwadu
  • Mocha, Bodakdev
  • Bayleaf, Courtyard by Marriott
  • 650
  • 70 degrees east
  • Masty
  • Dum Ka Zaika, Narayani Heights
  • Turquoise Villa, IIM road
  • Trophy’s by Tomato’s, YMCA

Tell us about your favourite restaurants in Ahmedabad in the comments section below. Never stay hungry so you’re never foolish!

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