Travel on a budget: There is an inexplicable relationship between me and travelling. I need my share of vacations pretty much every month undeniably. There were months when I could spend a 50 grand on a 2-3 day vacation and then there are those when I am like 5000 max! Yes, we all tend to get broke in no time because there are a lot of other things to really take care of. No matter what, you need not be a millionaire to travel on a frequent basis.

Travel on a budget and sticking to it

Now, when I am saying a budget it means if I have Rs. 5000 I am going to plan my travel in such a way that I have Rs. 500 handy always. Some people I have come across just don’t want to plan the travelling part which I never understood why. Honestly, when you travel on a budget you eventually become more structured about the way you do things.

When it comes to planning your travel on a budget, remember, the world is a kind place and there are a lot of things that are free or at least cheap to find. I understand that some of us really have exclusive or let’s say pampered tastes but when you are travelling, especially alone, you learn to adapt. There are a lot of things a lot of people will list down about travelling in a budget but I’d rather pull a list of pointers you can always remember.

  • Take the public transport everywhere! Cheap and safe.
  • Walk and walk. Then walk a little more. You see more and lose weight.
  • Find WiFi where ever you go. That’s the key to being socially connected and works as a boon.
  • Be a freelancer. Allows you the flexibility of working irrespective of where ever you are.
  • Stay in a hostel. Zostel in India is a fantastic yet cheaper alternative to crash in.
  • Do the AirBnB drill. Trust me, you will get reasonable options often.
  • Look for flights at least 4-5 weeks before.¬†Flights have dynamic pricing. You will never realize how soon the cost shot up. I usually check for the flight I need 2 month before and if it fits in my budget I book that one. Clear your cookies and check the flights.
  • Never buy flight tickets during public holidays. And try buying them during weekdays.
  • Eat local. That is cheaper and you will always know the tastes of their cuisines.
  • You can always skip one of the meals. For example combining your lunch and breakfast, BRUNCH! I usually feel full anyway when I am travelling.
  • Street food is your saviour!
  • Skip the roaming costs. You have Skype and Whatsapp calls!
  • Hit the streets for shopping.
  • Hitchhike! Not everyone will feel you are a danger, I am sure there are some nice people always on the road who are willing to help.
  • Set your own camp. Invest in a good camping tent and you have your own home with you always. Nature enthusiasts love it!
  • Travel off-season, because duh, less people, less money to burn!
  • Learn about where you are travelling. Some education will never harm rather help, especially for single travellers.
  • Get a travel insurance. This is not offbeat but rather a necessity. Emergencies are unexpected and you might just end up paying thousands in a foreign land.
  • Speak to the locals. If you want to find more alternatives, the people of the place will guide you better.

So to travel on a budget is not really a rocket science. Plan and hit the road and let your travelling journey be an inspiration.

What do you do when you run out of money but you still need to travel? Tell us in the comments section below.

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