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Best Restaurants in Udaipur: The Hunt

This year has been full of happy travels alone, with boyfriend-turned-husband and a full fam-jam. One of these travels was a birthday surprise for my hubby to Udaipur. We drove down here and checked into the Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort and Spa. I specifically wanted it to be special for him and so, what’s better than staying in a beautiful palace with breathtaking views? The staff at the reception made it more special for us when we were upgraded to a suite with lake view. Husband was happy- First goal achieved! Now, once we checked in and settled, the first task at hand was lunch which means finding the best restaurants in Udaipur for our several magical dates there. We definitely wanted a few lakeside options, because duh! You want the lake views when you’re in the city of lakes. 

Disclaimer: There’s no ranking order in the list below. 


The pristine hotel we stayed in!

1. Tribute, Fatehsagar Lake

It was a rainy afternoon, but thank god when we reached here it was just slightly drizzling with a cool breeze. Got ourselves the table right next to the lake and everything else was experiential. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant located right at the Fatehsagar Lake. We got ourselves a couple cocktails first along with two starters.

2. Upre by 1559 A.D., Lake Pichola Hotel

A restaurant on rooftop of Hotel Lake Pichola was an incredible experience. No, the food wasn’t extraordinary, it was good. But we reached here around 8 PM and the what you see around is mesmerising. Ideal for a date with significant other, you can see a part of the city lit up like it floats on the lake water. Get your table right beside the lake and you will be really happy.

3. Aangan Terrace Bar by Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace and Resorts

Another one beside the serene Fatehsagar lake, Aangan is a part of the same hotel we were staying in. We preferred going to this one in the evening enjoying the glistening moon subtly lighting up the peripheral of the beautiful white palace along with a few drinks. Definitely higher on prices, but if you want to just relax in the evening, this is the place to be at.

4. 1559 A.D.

1559 A.D. instantly made it to the best restaurants in Udaipur to dine in instantly because of the biryani I had there. Found this place quickly for a so-called-light-lunch. Not on any lakeside, but a lovely place with pretty interiors and a green garden. Called in for our beers and this biryani, it stole my heart. Was just the right kind of spicy with succulent pieces of chicken. One drawback: the service is super slow, so I’d recommend you to only go there if you have patience.

5. Panna Vilas Restaurant and Lounge, Fatehsagar Lake

Another restaurant-lounge by the Fatehsagar lake has two different kinds of seating- AC and Non AC. We were here in the afternoon so there was no harm sitting by the view where there was no air-conditioning. I am sure the charm of this place will better be revealed in the evening but since it wasn’t too hot, we had our bit of fun here too. The place does not serve any hard liquor (or at least did not when we were there). The beer was not premium either. We stuck to order some Punjabi dishes. They were good. Make sure you let them know your preferences in how you would like a particular dish to be cooked.

6. Aravali by Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace and Resorts (Fine Dine)

Hello there! The best restaurants in Udaipur is incomplete without Aravali. Located at the top floor of Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace and Resorts, the way it has been constructed is modern royalty with minimalism. I had a very strong feeling that we will probably have the best meal here so, I and my husband began ordering. This is a fine dine restaurant so, please do not expect what you pay is going to bring you a lot of quantity in the dishes. We ordered 6 cocktails (took a little freedom since we didn’t have to drive anywhere), one starter and two main course dishes. Everything that we had was more of boutique dining and things made to perfection. Husband’s birthday dinner was an instant success.

7. Ambrai- Amet Haveli, Lake Pichola

At Lake Pichola, Ambrai is a romantic place to dine at. The staff is friendly, the outdoor seating will make you happy and the Laal Maans there is stunning. If you are a non-vegetarian, do give this place a try. Slightly expensive, but worth a try.

8. Zest- Amantra Shilpi Resort, Near Fatehsagar Lake

We travel a lot by road, far distances. Often, Udaipur happens to be on our way. If we are crossing the city during hours of lunch or dinner, we halt here to grab our meals. Around the vicinity of the Fatehsagar lake, Zest is a restaurant inside Amantra Shilpi Resort. Heritage converted resort has kept it simple with decor and seating. This specifically makes to the list of best restaurants in Udaipur because, for so many years that we have been visiting Zest, we are never disappointed. The food is just as good as it was 10 years ago. Its service and staff is welcoming too!

9. Oladar Village Cafe and Restaurant, Near City Palace

Definitely, the best cafe in Udaipur award goes to Oladar for its stunning decor. This place is flooded with more foreigners, possibly because it is really close to the iconic City Palace and people love being here. Expect to only lay back and relax and enjoy your food because there is no liquor served here. While that will disappoint a lot of you, I still highly recommend this cafe to be visited at least once.

10. Chandni by Oberoi Udaivilas (Fine Dine)

Yeh Jaawani Hai Diwani feels anyone? If you’re in Udaipur, you have to visit the Oberoi Udaivilas. We left our hotel a little early before dinner only to explore this beautiful property first. That movie has my heart and I felt the energy and romance when we were exploring the place. Anyway, the restaurant Chandni is AMAAAAAAAZING! I mean not only is it luxurious but the food, OH MY GAAAAWD! Definitely somewhere I’d go again even if it burns a hole in my pocket.

11. Charcoal by Carlsson

Okay, so if you are in to enjoy some rooftop ambience, Charcoal a lovely blend of peace and good food. We preferred having our breakfast here and if you are around the Chandpole area, do give this restaurant a visit.

12. Raas Leela, Lake Pichola

Located next to Pichola lake and adjoining the Leela Kempinsky, Raas Leela will please you with all your meat cravings. My husband is vegetarian and for him it was an equal delight.

I missed taking exclusive pictures of these restaurants in Udaipur, but let me tell you, each one of them will give you a different feel upon visit. Let me know in the comments which one of these best restaurants in Udaipur are your favourites. Do you have any other too?

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