Contour for round face: The Art

It took me long to realize how really to contour. I had to look up a lot of videos and read about it too, but somehow it just didn’t work out right for my shape. First things first, know your face shape. If it is round (which mine is) you need contouring just as people with other face shapes do, but in a different way. During my recent holiday, I felt like a crazy contour queen.

Contour for round face: The How

All the high points of your face need highlighting and places where shadow casts needs contouring. Contour for round face is how this picture under has it.


For trials, follow the same image and try light contouring on your jaw line. The whole purpose of contouring is to enhance the angles on your face and add depth. From your side temples, draw contour lines down under your chin. You only draw the line by the edges. The take a scale or place a pen/pencil/brush on your face where the top of your ear and the end of your lip meets. It should be a slanting line. That’s where you put a slight contour line using a cream or powder contour product.

When you find the right contour for round face (your) face, you must know that it can be achieved with a few trials initially.

Here are some of my favourite products I use for contouring and highlighting:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour KitI think this is definitely my favourite palette because of its versatility. It has five powders and one highlighter.

Maybelline NewYork Face Studio Master Blush PaletteIf you are looking for a palette which is an all-rounder, this is definitely going to make you happy. This Maybelline palette has a contour powder, blush powders as well as a highlighter.

Nyx Professional Makeup Long Lasting Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, Matte FinishFan of Nyx Cosmetics? Well I definitely am, and this made it to my favourite contour palette too. Highlight and contour the best features of your face and build the colour as you like. 

Contour for round face is not rocket science. Just takes a few tries before you become a pro. So, get your brushes and your favourite contour products and get your game face on. If someone you think needs help with this and has round face problems like you and me then do share this with your friends.

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