I was recently on a trip to Chandigarh and the day I came back until some 10 odd days, I had this big pimple on my face. Now, I rarely have pimples. A zit here or there is pretty normal, but a pimple, rarely. I tried using antiseptic creams, it would just refuse to vanish, rather still look fresh and hearty every morning. Then this one day dad comes home with a little kit of skincare products. I am very specific of what I use so I really didn’t pick any of that. Saw into those and I just happen to look at something that looked like Micellar Water. That was intriguing enough for my to look into these products.

The Brillare Science Skincare products for happy sensitive skin like MINE

I have super sensitive and dry skin. And winters just make it more worse. I had already began to feel its effects and felt like my skin was really breaking out. My wedding is just under one month away and honestly speaking, the last thing you should ever try is trying new products. But because Dad had some real valid points, I reconsidered and began using a couple products first. So Brillare Science is an Ahmedabad based company that is into core professional cosmetics (i.e. they have high end solutions to some critical dermatological problems and also sell it to salons big time). This particular skincare range has the following products: a hydrating mist, a face wash, a scrub, micellar water, sunscreen and a moisturizing cream.

I have been using all these products for over 10 days now so let’s go one by one.


Brillare Science Energy Water Mist

Alright, if you are someone who travels a lot, you need a mist. It keeps your hydrated. The mists that I use are by Avene and Vichy. Here is how I felt this mist was different:

  • Hydrates for at least about 18-20 hours. I tried it once after cleaning my face with the face wash early morning. Then through the day I didn’t apply any serums or moisturizer. This mist kept my skin intact which absolutely no patch of dryness.
  • Extremely comforting and calming.
  • The packaging is pretty sturdy, comes with a spray pump.

Brillare Science Comforting Gel Creme Glacier

As the name suggests, this is a gel based creme and a blessing in disguise.

  • It is super light on the face. I apply it all over my face in circular motions.
  • The skin absorbs it instantly.
  • No trace of oil whatsoever.
  • Causes no dryness or any irritation even if you have a face full of acne or pimples.
  • Somehow this creme has lightened a bit of my pigmentation around the lips
  • Great packaging.

Brillare Science Sunscreen Radiance SPF 30

I am not a sunscreen person and yes that’s a sin. For days I have looked for a faster alternative and I did fine some sunscreen sprays, but it just doesn’t work on my face somehow. Why I like this sunscreen:

  • It is a SPRAY sunscreen, which means HURRAAAAY! No mess of applying it meticulously in a routine. Plus when you want to apply the sunscreen on your arms or your neck, all you do is spray.
  • I think sprays are always very light. However, I used to use the sunscreen spray by Avene before applying any makeup, and my makeup wouldn’t even last 2 hours without getting cakey. The Brillare Science sunscreen spray on the other hand not only holds your makeup but you don’t even feel like you have a sunscreen on. It just effortlessly does its job.


Brillare Science Face Wash Glacier

I don’t know what was the idea behind using the word ‘Glacier’ but it sure as hell is apt for these products. The face wash is transparent and deep cleans your face in seconds. At least I have an instant clear skin every time I use it.

Brillare Science Ultra Mild Scrub

Now the reason why I use scrub is for getting rid of dead skin. The one that I use is by St. Ives and the micro beads are a little too harsh for my face at times. I have tried other scrubs but there is always this ‘zit’ problem. This ultra mild scrub has micro beads which are super micro and absolutely light when you scrub. I think this one product is a total 10/10.

Brillare Science Micellar Water

I have earlier talked about what really micellar water is and how one is supposed to reap benefits out of this product. Now, here is what I feel about this micellar water:

  • It has a spray pump which I think is a disadvantage. Micellar water tends to create foam if applied with pressure (I once tried refilling an empty injection with my Bioderma and then pouring it out on a cotton ball. There was foam and bubbles which is actually kind of irritating). When you spray this micellar water, it isn’t enough on the cotton ball even after 3-4 sprays.
  • As far as the product is concerned, this micellar water is definitely at par with any of the others that you find in the market. However, you must be careful when cleaning your eye makeup with this. If it comes in contact with your eyes, you might feel some eye irritation.

An overall view

If you ask me about my favourites of this skincare range, I would say 5/6 is my favourites and here is what I’d really like to recommend:

  1. Use them if you have acne and nothing seems to work. This likely will as they claim to cause 0% allergies. (Plus, it worked on my mom’s skin)
  2. Buy them ASAP if you have sensitive skin.
  3. This is a unisex range of products. How cool is that!!!
  4. They are all vegan too!

Want to know more about how to buy them or anything specific? Write in the comments below and let’s discuss.

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