The fake makeup trends

I love makeup and anyone who is a beauty and makeup enthusiast will agree with me. There are so many luxury brands that I love and own such as Bobbi Brown, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Chanel, Estee Lauder, to mention a few. All these makeup products are expensive and I make sure I maintain them well since I use them on my sister and mother too. I was never too keen on buying cheap cosmetics because it was very important to see everything that I was applying on my face. This August, I was in Delhi and while wandering in one of its famous markets, I saw some vendors selling MAC and HUDA makeup products for throwaway prices. One HUDA liquid lipstick cost Rs. 150 (the original cost is Rs. 1650 in India). I was shocked, it was fake makeup and I could instantly tell that.

I immediately went ahead and asked one of the vendors whether he knew he was selling fake makeup. He said ’Kya karein madam, hum rakhte hain aur customer demand bhi karte hain. Ye wala (HUDA) bohot chalta hai.’ (Madam, what to do? We keep these and customers ask for more of such brands. The HUDA lipsticks are very famous and fast selling. At that very moment, there were three young girls who had just purchased these lipsticks. I wanted to stop them and tell them the reality of using fake makeup, but I was just shocked. So, there is a demand for such fake makeup products and the supply is limitless.

The facts behind fake makeup

We know there are fakes of literally everything. From luxury handbags to perfumes and small accessories, you can find fake Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Burberry and what not. But buying fake makeup is different than buying fake accessories. You end up applying these makeup products on your face and there’s nothing worse than that.

Research done in the United States on these products have found aluminium, human carcinogens, dangerous levels of bacteria, and even horse urine in the products FBI has seized. Customers using fake makeup products have several complaints and using these products has caused conditions such as rashes and eye infections. Investigations conducted by brands like MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills found even more deadly ingredients, including lead, arsenic, and mercury. If this is not alarming, I do not know what more is.

There should nothing be more important to you than the health of your skin. Using fake makeup will not only give you skin conditions but even deathly diseases like skin cancer. As makeup lovers, I know a lot of us like to have and try expensive makeup products. But just for that sake, do not go ahead buying fake makeup, it does no good and you will never know what the real product feels like. There are so many drugstore makeup products that will give you the same result as high-end ones would without burning a hole in your pocket. But if at all you need to buy a high-end product, the best way is to save and then buy the actual products from their showroom or Nykaa.

Please tell your friends to not buy fake makeup too.

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